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Welcome to Alt Legal!

We’re thrilled to help TM Cloud customers get started with Alt Legal! Our mission is to make the lives of trademark professionals easier. You'll soon realize why we're known as the “I love trademarks” company!

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About Your Alt Legal Upgrade

Customer experience remains our top priority, and we’re committed to ensuring that your transition from TM Cloud to Alt Legal is as smooth as possible.

With the move to Alt Legal, you’ll get a number of upgrades to your IP docketing software including:

  • The most granular USPTO trademark docketing automation plus global docketing automation
  • Seamless multi-user support for read-only or read-edit and third-party docket access
  • Unlimited custom modules to support any number of IP matter types and general matters
  • Automatic alerts for changes to trademark records

Additionally, you’ll get complimentary access to Alt Legal Trademark Protection for the remainder of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Migration is free! We know that switching docketing systems can seem daunting. That’s why our team takes a hands-on approach and leverages proven technology to make migrations fast and easy. We expect individual migrations to take under a week. Our leadership team will contact you about your migration date and confirm it is convenient for you.

  • We provide free and unlimited training and support! Reach out anytime with questions or to set up training sessions and our friendly, knowledgeable team will be happy to help. Our customer support team is available via phone, email, or live chat, so you can always expect a quick and helpful response.

    Take advantage of individualized training sessions for yourself or your team to help you get started. You can also set up additional training sessions to learn advanced features that will help you maximize your Alt Legal experience. Also, you can reach out whenever a new person joins your team and requires training – ongoing training is always free. Schedule training at:

  • Alt Legal is one of the most technologically-advanced, user-friendly IP docketing software platforms on the market. Our software offers a number of features to support sophisticated trademark practitioners.

    Global Docketing Automation: Our software will automatically identify your USPTO trademark filings, update statuses, and add and remove deadlines based on USPTO activity. In Canada, our connection retrieves all trademark data, deadlines, and status updates. In all other jurisdictions, our partnership with CompuMark allows us to automatically retrieve data from 180+ global IP offices, notify you of key updates, and docket renewal and use deadlines.

    Automatic Reporting: Our customizable daily or weekly docketing reports will keep you informed of upcoming deadlines and any updates to your specific matters. We also sync with all external calendaring systems to ensure you have visibility of key deadlines.

    Unlimited Modules: Alt Legal provides access to all modules, including the ability to define your own categories.

    Unlimited Users: Our accounts include access for unlimited internal and external users - grant clients, agents, and others read-only access at no extra cost!

    Features Beyond Docketing: Our integrated trademark monitoring will monitor your USPTO trademarks for newly filed applications that contain identical or nearly identical literal elements or are mentioned in §2(d) office actions. Our trademark intake form allows seamless collection of filing information and autofills TEAS applications.

  • The Alt Legal Community is made up of trademark professionals who enjoy sharing knowledge and connecting about trademark law. Join the Alt Legal Community and take advantage of all of our resources:

    Alt Legal Webinars
    We offer free CLE webinars where industry leaders discuss important trademark and IP law topics, practice tips, and more.

    Alt Legal Resource Library
    The Alt Legal Resource Library features our collection of resources covering trademark and IP law, law practice management, and IP news and current events.

    I ❤️ Trademarks Newsletter
    Our weekly email newsletter contains concise and often lighthearted recaps of legal updates, job postings, and as many puns as we can cram in!

    Alt Legal Blog
    Our blog is a go-to resource for all things trademark and IP featuring articles authored by Alt Legal’s team and industry experts.

    Trademark Administrators' Exchange (TMAE) & Trademark Paralegal Course
    The TMAE is a community of trademark and other IP administrators, docketers, and more that shares resources and learns from one another. We also offer a free trademark paralegal course addressing introductory and advanced topics.

Organizations of all sizes Alt Legal

  • 99% Customer Retention Rate
  • 1,000+ Customers
"During my first demo with Alt Legal, I thought I might see a docket populated with a few sample filings, but they had already created a custom docket with all of the firm’s CIPO matters."

Robyn Rhyason, C.C.T.A.Trademark Paralegal and Senior Legal Administrative Assistant | Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP

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"When I logged in for the first time, I was impressed to see that my dashboard was set up with my docket."

K & G Law LLP

Read the story
"The fact that I can shoot over questions that I have on the chat has been invaluable to me. It means so much that the team responds so quickly. When I have questions, they’re always right there with the answers."

Bekah WalkerIP Paralegal | Gray Reed

Read Bekah's story
  • 180+ Data Connections to 180+ Jurisdictions
  • <15 80% of our support inquiries are handled within 15 minutes!
  • 5-8 hours Approximate number of hours clients save per week depending on size of docket

Distinctive features, straightforward platform

Create, manage, and analyze global trademark and IP filings with software specifically designed to make trademark professionals’ lives easier.

  • Unleash the power of automation

    Alt Legal provides true global trademark docketing automation, doing more than merely populating basic trademark data and calculating deadlines. Our docketing software will automatically add your USPTO trademark filings, update statuses, and most importantly, docket and remove deadlines based on USPTO updates. In Canada, our CIPO database connection retrieves all trademark data, deadlines, and status updates. In all other jurisdictions, our partnership with CompuMark allows us to automatically retrieve data from 180+ global IP offices and create renewal and use deadlines when foreign trademarks are registered and renewed.

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  • File USPTO trademarks with speed and ease

    Use our secure collaborative intake form (branded for your firm or company) to make it faster and easier to collect information about a trademark application. Alt Legal tells you when your colleague/client both starts and completes the form. The best part is once you receive the form back and review and update any responses, our unique integration transfers the data directly to the TEAS application without the need to retype anything. Eliminate the back and forth over multiple emails and the need to copy and paste from multiple sources into TEAS forms.

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  • Alt Legal Trademark Protection

    TM Cloud customers will receive complimentary access to Alt Legal Trademark Protection, our full-USPTO portfolio monitoring and watch service, for the remainder of 2023. This unique and fully-automated service offers watch and monitoring capabilities against the most egregious infringement, including closely-related newly-filed USPTO applications and citations in §2(d) likelihood of confusion office actions.

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    Set up personalized, individual or group training sessions on any topic.

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    Get in touch via phone, email, or live chat with any questions.

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