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Alt Legal for Law Students

Alt Legal is more than just a trademark docketing software company. Our goal is to make trademark professionals' live easier, and that includes law students' lives as well! Check out this page full of resources to help you learn about trademark and intellectual property law.

Career Guide for Future Trademark Lawyers

If you’ve already determined that you’d like to pursue a career in trademark law, congratulations! Being a trademark lawyer offers many benefits including high pay, the ability to practice before the USPTO no matter where you are located and where you are licensed, as well as an abundance of interesting clients spanning a myriad of industries.

We’ve prepared a helpful roadmap for law students interested in pursuing careers in trademark law. This article offers advice for what courses to take in law school, how to find relevant summer jobs and internships, and what you can do to help build your resume and stand out.

A Law Student's Guide to Becoming a Trademark Lawyer
Alt Legal

Alt Legal's IP Resources

Alt Legal’s innovative trademark docketing software requires us to have a deep and thorough understanding of trademark law. Along the way, we create and share resources to share with trademark and IP practitioners, as well as law students who are learning about these topics.

Alt Legal Blog — Our blog is a go-to resource for all things trademarks and intellectual property. Content is written by the Alt Legal team and expert guest bloggers and is updated regularly.

Alt Legal Resource Library — Organized by topic, the Alt Legal Resource Library contains our full collection of resources ranging from blog articles to Alt Legal Webinars to Alt Legal Connect sessions, all of which cover important topics relating to IP practice, law practice management, and IP news and current events.

IP Resources — Curated by the Alt Legal team, this page contains a list of useful websites and practical resources.

International Trademark Law Resources — To support your international trademark law research and projects, we’ve compiled a list of our resources on international trademark law and practice, including blog articles, webinars, and Alt Legal Connect session recordings.

e-Book: Introduction to USPTO Trademark Prosecution — A comprehensive resource that you can add to your library to help you learn the USPTO trademark prosecution process. Great for new and experienced trademark professionals alike, it is full of links to other helpful Alt Legal resources so you can dig deeper into key topics

Alt Legal Trademark Paralegal Course

We’ve developed a free course to help trademark paralegals and administrators learn about and refine their knowledge of trademark prosecution. This course is also especially helpful for law students interested in purusing trademark and intellectual property law because it explains many of the nuts and bolts of trademark practice. Completing the course is a great resume booster plus it will help you feel prepared and confident for your summer jobs and externships.

Our course is taught by top paralegals and attorneys at law firms and in-house departments and features both introductory sections on IP and advanced sections on trademark issues, from searches to docketing to ethical obligations and more. Review each section of the course on-demand at your own pace.


Webinars and Events

At Alt Legal, we are proud to offer free webinars and we welcome law students to join! Our webinars feature industry leaders discussing important IP and trademark law updates, practice tips, and more. Keep the conversation going following each webinar! Get advice from practitioners, casually discuss your questions and concerns, and make meaningful connections during webinars with the live chat feature.

You can view our on-demand webinars here.

See Alt Legal's Events, Webinars, and More
Alt Legal

Alt Legal for Law Schools

In case you are not yet familiar with Alt Legal, Alt Legal is an innovative, fully-automated docketing system. Our modern approach to docketing software, trusted by thousands of IP professionals at Am Law 200 firms, solo and boutique firms, and Fortune 100 companies, allows users to easily monitor their filings’ statuses, calculate deadlines to ensure timely responses, and create clear and customizable reports in just a few clicks.

We are pleased to introduce law students and educators to Alt Legal IP Docketing Software at no-cost. Alt Legal provides free and unlimited use to law school IP clinics across the US, helping prepare the next generation of trademark practitioners. We’ll provide complimentary training at any time and we are happy to introduce law students to the Alt Legal Community so that they can build their networks.

If you are participating in a law school clinic and would like your clinic director to consider Alt Legal, please have them contact us and we will gladly provide further information.

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