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Alt Legal’s Online Intake Forms and TEAS Integration Save Kristen Time

Kristen Roberts | Founder and Managing Attorney | Trestle Law

Kristen's firm is built on client friendliness, and Alt Legal makes things easier for her clients with its docket access options and online intake forms. Alt Legal is now critical to Kristen’s firm and integral to the way that she does business.

Kristen Roberts

Founder and Managing Attorney | Trestle Law

Kristen Roberts had barely begun her own practice before she discovered Alt Legal. She had come up with her own intake form for collecting client information, but she was dissatisfied with it.

“Even when I was first starting, I knew that nobody would want to print out and write on a form, so I tried to keep all my communications electronic. I used to send out a Word document to collect client information. It looked professional, but it wasn’t ideal, and I had to copy everything from the document into the relevant forms.”

When she started using Alt Legal, she immediately began using the online intake forms. The intake forms are branded for her firm, and she uses them to collect client information. Kristen loves how technologically sophisticated it makes her practice feel. She appreciates the simplicity of the intake forms, and her clients love that they can even submit intakes on their mobile or tablet devices.

Before signing up for Alt Legal, Kristen was managing a few trademarks. She knew how critical deadline tracking was for IP attorneys, but she didn’t have a good system set up, so she was nervous.

“My docketing before was a mess. I used Excel, and though I was careful to ensure that I always stayed within legal requirements, I was constantly afraid of missing a deadline or otherwise making a mistake.”

Though Kristen was aware that there was software to help her with her deadlines, none of it seemed right for her practice. The options that she saw seemed unnecessarily complicated. Then she found Alt Legal, and it was perfect for her tech-savvy and streamlined practice. The software automatically detects her filings, calculates deadlines, gathers all case file documents into a convenient place, and sends her updates so that she knows the status of all her filings.

“I really like the emails about docketing activity because I don’t have to log in to get the information about my portfolio. The automated docketing is amazing. It knows when I’ve filed an application and it automatically updates and calculates the deadlines for me.”

Alt Legal’s tools and services—from the intake form that she uses to collect client data to the logins she uses to collaborate with her colleagues at her firm to the docketing that manages her deadlines—have made the platform critical to Kristen’s firm and integral to the way that she does business.

“My firm is built on client friendliness. I’m big on client empowerment, and I work to make my clients trust me. Alt Legal’s intake form and client login allow me to provide my clients with lots of information without taking much of my time. The software makes things easier for my clients, and it helps my relationships with them.”

Kristen knows Alt Legal is crucial for her practice, and she also loves having personalized customer service. She knows that the support team is always a call, email, or chat message away.

“I’ve already recommended that all of my IP attorney friends use Alt Legal, but I would actually also recommend the service to anyone who handles business law since business law and intellectual property law go hand in hand. These guys are the best!”

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