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Alprin Law Made a Smooth Transition to Alt Legal, and They Love Their New IP Docketing System

Becky Alprin | Director of Docketing | Alprin Law Offices, P.C.

Becky Alprin is Director of Docketing and Operations at Alprin Law Offices, P.C. She has thirteen years of experience in trademark prosecution and litigation docketing, and oversees the daily activities of ALO staff and technology. Becky has expertise in implementing systems for increased efficiency across the firm, while maintaining ALO’s high-caliber service. Becky believes each client’s trademark is an outward expression of its owner’s vision, and she enjoys helping clients across the world realize their goals. Becky holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boston University and a Master of Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art. She lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband and two daughters.

Becky Alprin

Director of Docketing | Alprin Law Offices, P.C.

Alprin Law Offices, P.C. is a Washington D.C.-based firm, specializing in trademark and copyright law. Becky Alprin is the firm’s Director of Docketing, and she maintains a very active docket with thousands of global trademark matters. She also oversees several docket users, including attorneys, administrators, and paralegals.

Since joining Alprin Law in 2011, Becky has seen the firm’s docketing needs evolve significantly. When the firm’s portfolio was small, they used a calendar program to manage deadlines. But as the firm’s portfolio quickly grew, she oversaw the transition to two different IP docketing systems. The most recent transition she managed was from TM Cloud to Alt Legal, following Alt Legal’s acquisition of TM Cloud in 2023.

Transitioning to a new IP docketing system can be daunting, particularly when users are uncertain about making a change. But Alt Legal provided Becky and all TM Cloud customers a quick, easy, and free migration. Because Alt Legal was built using the most modern technology, we execute data migrations with much more agility than our competitors. We also take the extra step of cleaning up customers’ data and configuring their accounts so that our software is optimized for their unique needs and workflows.

Becky, like many customers who have made the switch from other IP docketing systems to Alt Legal, can attest that Alt Legal has made the transition smooth and simple. She got up and running in Alt Legal quickly and absolutely loves how Alt Legal has improved her workflow.

Migrating to Alt Legal was a Breeze and Upgraded Alprin Law to a Better, More Customized IP Docketing System

When Becky learned that Alprin Law’s docket would transition to Alt Legal, she was excited because she saw how Alt Legal’s modern, advanced features could improve her docket management. But she was also nervous. Her prior migrations to other IP docketing software companies had been difficult. “I was a bit concerned because our prior migrations left some scars. I just expect that with any migration, there will be unforeseeable manual labor that would add to everyone’s day.”

“As soon as I saw Alt Legal’s software, my fears were alleviated and I was excited! I knew we would grow with Alt Legal’s more modern tools.”

Once the transition process started, Becky was pleased to see how Alt Legal handled everything seamlessly. “It was quick and didn’t feel like work!” Alt Legal’s team set up a number of system customizations just for Becky. “It’s been a great process. The support team worked hard and researched. I am deeply appreciative that Alt Legal configured the system that we want.”

“Alt Legal will make adjustments if they aren’t already providing exactly everything you need!”

Another benefit of the migration process is that Alt Legal’s support team provided free data clean up, setting Becky up with a much tidier, more accurate docket. “We did a sweep for duplicates and cleaned up unnecessary reminders, many of which were extraneous because it was so hard to customize reminders in other systems. Alt Legal cleared out all of the unnecessary renewal reminders from our docket.”

“Alt Legal has been a dream! It’s so much easier to review the docket every step we take. Many items that we requested have been completely perfected with customizations. It’s extremely satisfying to see everything perfectly docketed for the next 10 years. It’s wonderful!”

After completing the data migration, Becky was able to use Alt Legal right away and didn’t require any training. “Alt Legal is so intuitive. I have not needed training in the several months that I have been using it .” Of course, our support team is available any time to provide Becky and her staff free, unlimited, and customized training on beginning and advanced topics. Becky looks forward to delving into training on more sophisticated user topics so that she can take full advantage of Alt Legal’s powerful capabilities.

Becky Appreciates Alt Legal’s Helpful and Collaborative Support Team

Becky has been especially happy with Alt Legal’s support team as they’ve guided her through the migration process. “It’s been wonderful! I can tell that Alt Legal has created an ethos that they personally care about customer service. It feels great to work with everyone and I’ve had good experiences asking hard questions on thorny issues. The Alt Legal staff listens to me and understands my concerns.”

“Alt Legal’s support team is just fabulous at taking suggestions and feedback.”

At Alt Legal, we recognized Becky’s deep knowledge and understanding of trademark prosecution and docketing and invited Becky to be part of Alt Legal Labs, where we work with current customers to gather feedback and implement system upgrades. “The fact that we can submit thoughts and personal customizations and that Alt Legal is so responsive, it makes me feel like we are working on the platform together and that Alt Legal is always interested in improving it.”

“Alt Legal always tells me ‘Just send that to us’ and ‘Let us do that.’ That’s really different from other IP docketing companies, and I love it!”

Alt Legal’s Automation and Advanced Features Changed the Way Becky Works and Improved Her Workflow

Becky has been using Alt Legal for just a few months but is already so pleased with Alt Legal’s features, including the advanced automation, unlimited user access, daily email notifications, and fair, easy-to-understand pricing.

“The quality of Alt Legal’s daily email notifications is so much different than what I received from other IP docketing systems. Alt Legal has changed the way that I work, and it’s so much better. I start every day with my daily docketing emails and I work from them. I move through my inbox in a different way. It’s faster, and I really love it.”

Becky greatly appreciates the modern look of Alt Legal’s software. Other IP docketing systems that she used had a much more complicated interface, making docket management much more challenging and time consuming. “Other IP docketing systems I used felt antiquated in terms of interface and visual style. The general style was like a spreadsheet—it was hard to look at.” Becky also found the software unintuitive and difficult to use: “Small things added up over time, like searching for extremely small radio buttons.”

Another improvement that Becky identified right away in Alt Legal is that she is able to quickly and easily access the information she is looking for. She observed that other IP docketing systems required several steps to get to the information she needed. “I have this thought multiple times a day: while one click doesn’t mean much in the moment, add up the number of clicks you’re doing every day, and it takes a lot of time.”

Becky also really enjoys Alt Legal’s reporting capabilities. “Other docketing systems I used had reporting, but it was clunkier and difficult for us to get up and running.” Alt Legal makes it easy to generate complex docket reports with just a few clicks, and users can save frequently-run reports that refresh with updated data each time they are accessed. Becky commented, “I was excited to have Alt Legal’s custom reporting tools accessible to me in a more modern, easier-to-use interface.”

Additionally, Becky was very intrigued by Alt Legal Trademark Protection: “It’s very exciting! We conduct common law and ‘light’ watch services for some clients and others who want full watch services from a third-party vendor, but Alt Legal Trademark Protection consolidates everything.” Becky understands the benefit of providing monitoring and watch services to clients, “We like to show clients when their trademarks are working for them, even when there’s nothing for them to do with enforcement. It shows them how important watching and monitoring is.”

Our tools have helped Alprin Law build client relationships, and Becky has already seen how Alt Legal Trademark Protection can help bring in additional revenue for the firm. “Just in the first couple of weeks since we began our subscription, we notified a client of a §2(d) citation that we received. She has already authorized us to perform enforcement work and prepare a coexistence agreement if approached by this third party.”

“Alt Legal Trademark Protection has really enhanced our client relationships. Being able to say ‘We just provide this monitoring service for you,’ makes us feel like we’ve gone up a notch in what we can offer our clients.”

Switching to a New IP Docketing System is Daunting But Worth It

We are so pleased to have Alprin Law on board at Alt Legal, and we’re even happier to see how positive Becky’s experience was in migrating to Alt Legal, learning a new system, and enjoying upgraded features. Becky is delighted to see that her docket is now so much more user-friendly and that it includes so many useful features that streamline her workflow, facilitate collaboration, and enhance the firm’s client relations. Becky has so many positive things to say about Alt Legal and is excited to share her experience, “Alt Legal is just fabulous, and the team is amazing!”

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