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K & G Law’s Migration of Global Trademark Portfolio to Alt Legal Docketing: A “Seamless” Experience

K & G had been using a traditional trademark docketing system for a number of years. They recognized the need for a switch, but also the potential risk, time, and cost involved. Ultimately, the anticipated time-savings due to the ease-of-use and automation would provide higher ROI. And, Alt Legal handled the migration and set-up at no cost.

K & G Law LLP

K & G Law manages thousands of trademarks globally. Needless to say, it’s mission critical for the firm to have a strong infrastructure in place to proactively manage the high volume of matters. K & G is savvy when it comes to helping their clients protect and use their IP assets to grow their businesses. Their savviness extends to finding and leveraging best-in-class technology.


K & G had been using a traditional trademark docketing system for a number of years. Similar to other firms with legacy software tools, they recognized the need for a switch, but also the potential risk, time, and cost involved. Migrating to a new platform can feel like a daunting task, fraught with potential pitfalls. This is especially true of technologies that are entrenched in workflows, involve a large volume of data, and have become comfortable (although not necessarily enjoyable) to users.

As a forward-thinking firm, K & G Law took an outcome-focused approach to evaluating other options, looking towards what they could gain from moving to a new docketing platform. This provided the incentive to begin looking at other tools. The team reached out to their network for docketing company recommendations, which led them to Alt Legal. They knew that Alt Legal might have a higher cost, but the potential time-savings due to the ease-of-use and automation could ultimately provide higher ROI.


Alt Legal’s Sales Team worked with K & G to understand their challenges and evaluate their ideal outcome: seamlessly migrate to a docketing platform that is easy to use, saves time and helps the firm provide timely trademark reports to clients. K & G took advantage of Alt Legal’s free trial and data migration in order to do a side-by-side comparison of their current platform and Alt Legal. In less than a week, K & G was test driving the Alt Legal platform finding that it not only covered their wish list items, but also provided other time-saving features. After a two-week trial, the choice to move to Alt Legal was clear.

“Alt Legal made the process of switching from our old platform simple.” said K & G partner, Laura Genovese. “It took no time on our part. The Alt Legal team handled all aspects of the migration at no cost.”

Legacy Platform Alt Legal
Ease of Use
K & G’s legacy platform was clunky and hard to use, especially when it came to generating reports. The team also found it difficult to get the level of support they needed from the service provider. The team was impressed by Alt Legal’s ease of use in not only using the platform, but also generating reports.
Time Savings and Timeliness
The docketing administrator’s experience with updating matters and generating reports was tedious, and the outputs were not conducive to sharing with a client. She had to spend a lot of time making the reports presentable, which also made it difficult to provide timely responses. Creating and exporting reports is something that K & G finds very easy to use within Alt Legal. They also no longer need to reformat the reports before sending them to clients. Alt Legal’s automated docketing of USPTO filings was an unexpected, yet fabulous, surprise!


Alt Legal strives to make trademark professionals’ lives easier. This philosophy begins with the onboarding experience and continues throughout the day-to-day support of customers. K & G recognized this service-minded focus and trusted the Alt Legal team who reassured them that the migration would be seamless; and, it was. Alt Legal managed all aspects of the migration and had K & G’s platform set-up and ready to use within one week.

“When I logged in for the first time, I was impressed to see that my dashboard was set up with my docket.” said K & G partner, Laura Genovese. “The next morning, I started receiving my personalized daily email notifications alerting me to upcoming deadlines. I’m very happy with Alt Legal and so glad that we made the move.”

Cris Smith, K & G’s docketing administrator, is pleased with not only how intuitive the platform is to use, but also how easy it is to generate client reports. When she does need support, it’s only a “chat” away and with a live human. “Alt Legal’s support has been fantastic.” she commented. “I always receive quick and helpful responses using the chat feature, and the training and support materials have also been a tremendous help.”
Migration can seem daunting, but with the right partner, it’s seamless.

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