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Trademark Application Match

Trademark Application Match is a new, fully automated and cost-effective way to monitor all of the USPTO marks in your portfolio.

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A New Way to Discover Potentially Infringing Applications

Alt Legal’s Trademark Application Match monitors your entire USPTO trademark portfolio using a proprietary algorithm that searches for potentially infringing new trademark applications.

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How It Works

Trademark Application Match provides you the most relevant potential infringements by identifying newly-filed USPTO applications that have identical or significantly overlapping literal elements. Our weekly reports make it easy for you to quickly identify concerning applications and report them to clients and stakeholders.

Efficient & Cost-Effective Monitoring for Your Entire Portfolio

Trademark Application Match monitors your entire USPTO trademark portfolio for potential infringement. Unlike traditional monitoring services that are generally cost-prohibitive for your entire portfolio and generate an overwhelming number of results, Trademark Application Match is designed to provide the most relevant results for a competitive, flat fee that is a fraction of the cost of traditional monitoring services. Simply, with Trademark Application Match, you no longer need to choose which marks to monitor.

Why Trademark Application Match

  • Law Firm Benefits

    Law firms benefit by offering a higher level of client service. By proactively alerting clients of potential infringement, firms can generate new revenue opportunities through letters of protest, C&D letters, oppositions, and more. Executing just a few enforcement actions would deliver a positive return on your investment in Application Match.

  • Brand Owner Benefits

    Brand owners benefit by maintaining better brand oversight and having access to more cost-effective brand protection. Because you don't have to choose the most important marks to monitor, Trademark Application Match will help you discover potential infringement across your entire USPTO trademark portfolio so that you can take action and avoid dilution of your valuable IP.

Stay alerted to protect your trademark

With our §2(d) Trademark Watch, you can take immediate action and notify your clients or colleagues of potential infringement to quickly develop an opposition strategy. Sign up for a free trial of Alt Legal's §2(d) Trademark Watch!

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