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Alt Legal Trademark Protection

Alt Legal Trademark Protection is a set of fully-automated USPTO monitoring and watch tools that integrate with your Alt Legal docketing account for a seamless experience.

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How it Works

Alt Legal Trademark Protection is available as an optional add-on service to Alt Legal IP Docketing Software as well as a standalone service. Alt Legal Trademark Protection consists of our Trademark Application Match and our §2(d) Trademark Watch tools. Together, these tools track USPTO filings at critical points during the trademark prosecution process and alert you of potential infringement with plenty of time to develop an enforcement strategy and take action. These tools provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive monitoring services and allow you to deliver a base level of monitoring over your entire docket of US marks.

To monitor or not to monitor? It’s no longer a question.

Trademark watch and monitoring services are crucial for brand owners to effectively protect their valuable trademarks against infringement and dilution and to maintain the goodwill they have worked so hard to create. But, these services can be expensive and costs can grow with each distinct mark and region you monitor.

The market for trademark protection services has been all-or-nothing for too long: Either brand owners choose to invest in monitoring their marks, or they don’t do anything at all. Alt Legal Trademark Protection solves this problem with cost-effective tools to monitor your entire US docket at a flat-fee.

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Trademark Application Match

Trademark Application Match scans all newly-filed USPTO applications using a proprietary algorithm to identify marks that have identical or significantly overlapping literal elements with the USPTO marks in your docket. You’ll receive a weekly report of all Trademark Application Match findings so that you can quickly review and take appropriate action at the earliest possible stage.

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§2(d) Trademark Watch Hero Image

§2(d) Trademark Watch

§2(d) Trademark Watch works by monitoring all of the US marks in your docket and notifying you whenever any of your marks are cited in a §2(d) likelihood of confusion office action. With §2(d) Trademark Watch, the trademark examiner has already done the work for you of identifying a confusingly similar mark. With this information, you’ll have plenty of time to notify your clients or stakeholders and prepare an enforcement strategy.

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Why Alt Legal Trademark Protection

  • Law Firm Benefits

    Law firms benefit by offering a higher level of client service. By proactively alerting clients of potential infringement, firms can generate new revenue opportunities through letters of protest, C&D letters, oppositions, and more. Executing just a few enforcement actions would deliver a positive return on your investment in Alt Legal Trademark Protection.

  • Brand Owner Benefits

    Brand owners benefit by maintaining better brand oversight and having access to more cost-effective brand protection. Because you don't have to choose the most important marks to monitor, Alt Legal Trademark Protection will help you discover potential infringement across your entire USPTO trademark portfolio so that you can take action and avoid dilution of your valuable IP.

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