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Bekah Appreciates Alt Legal’s Clean and Straightforward Interface and Live Chat Support

Bekah Walker | IP Paralegal | Gray Reed

Gray Reed previously used an older docketing system to manage their docket, but the firm's IP paralegal, Bekah Walker wanted a better system. Alt Legal was the answer.

Bekah Walker

IP Paralegal | Gray Reed

Bekah Walker manages the day-to-day operations of Gray Reed’s IP department. The firm used to use an older docketing system to manage their docket, but Bekah didn’t love it.

“The software seemed convoluted. The way that their programs looked on screen was overwhelming; there were a lot of extra fields that didn’t make any sense. I was never sure if I was putting the data in the right fields. It shouldn’t be that difficult! I was able to get help with issues I had, but email support took a while for me to get replies. And I didn’t even want to open the manual; it was just so much!”

Then one of the attorneys heard about Alt Legal and asked her to check it out. Originally she was skeptical, but a trial of the software changed her mind.

“I loved when I got a sample of my trademark docket with all of my deadlines. Everything was exactly how I wanted to see it, with all the information that I needed. It was brilliant! I loved that I didn’t have to put so much effort into making sure that dates were calculated and the docket was being updated. I saw it and was just blown away. It made my day so much easier. I was sold.”

She appreciates that the interface is so clean and simple to use. Because deadlines are so important in IP work, she recognizes the importance of having great software.

“Alt Legal is easier to look at than other systems I’ve used. IP docketing can be intimidating because it can seem so complicated. But I love that when I look at Alt Legal, everything I need is all in one page. And it’s great that my deadlines are calculated and my matters are updated automatically.”

Bekah also appreciates Alt Legal’s live chat support.

“Just the fact that I can shoot over questions that I have on the chat has been invaluable to me. It means so much that the team responds so quickly. When I have questions, they’re always right there with the answers. Alt Legal is like the IP department that I don’t have. Because of the chat tool, and seeing their faces, I feel like there’s a level of familiarity. I know the team, and I know I can rely on them.”

Because her docket is automated, the system both detects and updates Bekah’s trademarks for her automatically. This not only makes her job easier, but it also brings her peace of mind.

“I have experience with firms that treat their docketing department as though it is simply a data-entry section. But accurate docketing is crucial. Incorrectly inputting data, in my opinion, can be a real liability for the firm. This is why I really rely on Alt Legal to get my trademark deadlines right.”

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