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Trademark and IP paralegals, legal assistants, docketers, administrators and more are joining the Trademark Administrators’ Exchange to share resources and learn from one another! The TMAE is an email-based, threaded conversation space where members can ask questions, provide resources, network, and support one another.

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Today’s Trademark Paralegal: Why You Need an Automated Docketing System

New technology for intellectual property professionals, particularly modern docketing software, can help streamline some of your most tedious work. Naturally, the notion of switching to a new docketing system can seem like a headache, particularly if you’re picturing a painful, expensive, and time-consuming migration followed by hours of “how to” videos, training, and user manual review, only to be left with a system that doesn’t seem too different from your prior system. Typical buyer’s remorse. But switching to a new docketing system doesn’t have to be like that anymore. With modern IP docketing software like Alt Legal, migration is free, painless, and typically completed in less than a week. Explore why it’s worth making the switch to Alt Legal.

Alt Legal

How do I convince my organization that it's time to switch to a new IP docketing software?

Are you ready to switch to a new IP docketing software but having trouble convincing others who you work with that a move is necessary? Lauren Amanda Adler, Alt Legal’s National Sales Director, understands this scenario well and has plenty of advice for how you can help convince the stakeholders at your organization that you need a new IP docketing system. Check out her article: Four Ways to Build Internal Buy-In For Moving to a New IP Docketing Platform: Alt Legal shares experiences of helping customers make the move.

Docketing doesn’t have to be a love/hate relationship

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