Alt Legal: Trademark and Patent Docketing Software
"My TM practice has grown at a pace that I never would have imagined. I'm really excited about where things are going, and I find it rewarding to see how much hard work can pay off."
Sonia Lakhany
Owner, Lakhany Law, PC
Attorney (Emory Law)
Offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles

Before discovering Alt Legal, Sonia docketed manually. Her desk was covered with sticky notes, and she used spreadsheets to keep track of her deadlines. Quickly, she realized that those methods couldn’t sustain her growing practice.

When she picked up clients coming to her to resurrect trademark filings that previous attorneys had inadvertently let expire, she knew she didn’t want to make the same mistake. She’d have to be smarter about her own docket

"I had to really start thinking about docketing software because if new clients were coming to me to fix messes resulting from missed deadlines, I had to make sure my firm didn’t make those same mistakes. This is one of the biggest things we're trusted with as trademarks attorneys - making sure filings are handled in a timely manner. Without a good system, things are bound to slip through your fingers. You can explain a lot of things to a client, but you can't explain a missed deadline. It’s unacceptable and as the owner of my firm, I take that very seriously."

A friend told Sonia about Alt Legal, so she tried it out. She was surprised by how quick and simple it was to import her data.

"It was a piece of cake. Everything auto-imported. Almost immediately, I crumpled up the sticky notes, deleted the Excel sheets, and breathed a sigh of relief that there was finally some organization."

She also loves the design of our software, calling it intuitive, simple, and clean. “It's how I would build it if I were to do it myself!” she explains.

Our docketing, intake, and assembly tools save her hours with each trademark she files and help ensure that applications are filed exactly how her clients want them. Her clients love the system, too, because they’re able to log in anytime to see the status of their filings.

"It’s freed me up to do what I’m best at, which is to develop business, build relationships, and manage projects. I’m not worried about the little administrative details anymore. Alt Legal saves me time and money."

Sonia jokes that she has become such an advocate for our software that people tease her about working for Alt Legal.

"I tell all of my trademark practitioner colleagues about it and I’m happy to spread the word. We’re all looking for ways to help one another and maintain best practices, so it’s a must to mention Alt Legal.”