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Mariela Chavez Valdez - trademark docketing customer
Mariela Chavez ValdezTrademark ParalegalChitiz Pathak LLP

“I first started as a trademark paralegal when I was 19. I had no idea what trademarks were and didn’t know anything about trademark law, but in the years since, I’ve come to love it!”

Mariela Chavez Valdez served as a trademark paralegal at the largest law firm in Peru for a decade before moving to Canada and joining the team at Chitiz Pathak LLP (CP LLP) in 2013. As the lead IP paralegal on CP LLP’s trademark team, Mariela is responsible for docketing and tracking all the deadlines for the thousands of trademarks the firm manages.

When she first joined the firm, the team was using an outdated version of a legacy docketing system. Even though they had bought the software and were paying exorbitant costs for it, the team was surprised to learn that they would need to pay more to update to the newest version.

“We were having so many issues that it became difficult to manage. We thought it was ridiculous that we’d bought the service and were still expected to pay to upgrade to the next version. It was really expensive, and while there were things about the program that we didn’t like, our biggest complaint was the people. The sales team really pushed us, and, I’m going to be honest: they were bullies about it. They kept wanting us to pay extra money for them to fix their software, so we decided to look for alternatives.”

The team considered several different platforms and was about to settle on one when they learned that they would be responsible for managing the migration themselves and also need to pay for the process.

“The system looked really complicated, and the migration was going to take so much time. We had so many records, and we spent a lot of time cleaning the records to make the transition easier. But we quickly realized how much time it was going to take, so we decided to look somewhere else.”

Then one of their peers suggested Alt Legal. They’d heard great things about our automated US trademark docketing software, but they weren’t sure if we could support their Canadian filings and other trademarks in their portfolio. Once they saw how easy it was to use our software and learned about our free migration and unlimited support with live chat, they eagerly came on board.

The migration was so easy! We knew immediately that Alt Legal was what we wanted. Sophia communicated with us throughout the process and showed us exactly how everything would be entered. We had a few emails back and forth and then had a smooth transition to Alt Legal.

After a few months, Mariela and her team are now able to docket all their thousands of trademarks quickly and easily. They love the automated docketing for their US trademarks, and they’re excited to learn that we will be automating CIPO docketing soon.

“I love how the software looks. It’s so much nicer than what we used to use, and I love that I can keep all records and notes and such in such a convenient place. And I love how with some trademarks, I don’t need to enter any information at all; it’s completely automated. Sometimes I know before our attorneys do that an office action has been issued on one of our trademarks.”

While she loves our software’s interface and automation, Mariela is most impressed with our free, unlimited support.

“The support is just awesome. Everything from the migration to the support has been top-notch. Every time I reach out for support, Sophia answers my questions right away. She’s been incredibly helpful!”

Overall, Mariela loves being an Alt Legal customer, and she’s gotten a lot of value from it.

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