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Lolita Retained New Clients After Speaking at Alt Legal Webinars

Lolita Darden | IP Law Professor at Suffolk University | IP Law Professor at Suffolk University

Professor Lolita Darden is an attorney with over twenty-years’ experience, specializing in in the strategic use of patent, trademark and copyrights. Lolita is the Director of Suffolk University Law School’s Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic (“IPEC”), a multi-disciplinary clinic providing pro bono counseling and legal services for new and emerging businesses. Lolita is also a lecturer of law, teaching intellectual property courses such as intellectual property survey, practical trademark law, trademark law, and patent law.

Lolita Darden

IP Law Professor at Suffolk University | IP Law Professor at Suffolk University

We were so pleased to welcome the brilliant Lolita Darden to present at Alt Legal Webinars. Lolita has a busy private practice and is also an IP Law Professor at Suffolk University. Lolita delivered the presentation “Overlapping Your Boundaries: Layering copyrights, patents, and trade dress to bolster brand protection,” a discussion about how to strategically layer IP protections to grow an IP portfolio. During the presentation, Lolita reviewed:

  • When to file different IP filings to maximize protection
  • Requirements for trade dress, design patent, and copyright protection
  • How to determine which IP protections are best for a particular client

You can view the recording and download the presentation materials here.

Lolita’s webinar was exceptionally well-received by the Alt Legal Community. The experience was equally positive for Lolita: “It was a great experience. Alt Legal staff were very supportive and maintained high standards of professionalism throughout the process. The audience was very receptive to the content and asked great questions.”

Lolita also appreciated that Alt Legal gave her creative liberties to develop her presentation, which is key for an experienced educator. “The best part of presenting for Alt Legal is the freedom to design content as you deem necessary to achieve presentation goals.”

For Lolita, one of the key differentiators between presenting for Alt Legal and other organizations is the support and marketing she and her presentation received, “Alt Legal staff were very supportive in making sure the technology functioned properly and that the event was well publicized.”

Lolita worked closely with Bri Van Til, Alt Legal’s Director of Education, to plan the webinar and coordinate all of the important details, technical arrangements, and logistics to ensure that the presentation was smooth for Lolita and the audience. She reports that working with Bri was an exceptional experience, “Bri’s support is the link that makes presenting on the Alt Legal platform effortless.”

As a result of her presentation with Alt Legal Webinars, several audience members reached out to Lolita. She reports, “The presentation benefitted me with many new clients.” Speaking opportunities are some of the best ways to establish expertise on a topic and to become a known expert in your field. We’re so pleased for Lolita that her speaking engagement with Alt Legal turned into a business development opportunity.

Overall, Lolita says that she is “incredibly likely” to recommend speaking engagements at Alt Legal to other presenters. “The Alt Legal presentation platform is a great way to share knowledge and educate others about the nuances of trademark law and practice.” Thank you for your participation, Lolita!

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