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Featured Client Story

Kirkland & Ellis Spends Less Time Managing its Docket and More Time with Clients

Kirkland & Ellis had been using a legacy IP management system, but after seeing Alt Legal's level of automation, they switched systems. The team now spends less time managing the docket and more time with clients.

Kirkland & Ellis

Kirkland & Ellis had been using a legacy IP management system before moving to Alt Legal. The firm found Alt Legal’s automation to be extremely beneficial, particularly how US trademark deadlines were automatically calculated and statuses were automatically updated. The team now spends significantly less time managing the docket.

Kirkland & Ellis has over 2,000 attorneys, but when any of them files a trademark, Alt Legal’s software automatically detects the filing and adds it to the firm’s docket. The software then sends the relevant lawyer alerts about changes to the status of filings and automatically calculates statutory deadlines. The firm also uses the opposition functionality. When an opposition status and one milestone are entered, Alt Legal calculates all the rest, so even complicated TTAB deadlines stay accurate and organized.

Many firms leave all the deadlines and the docket management to their paralegals or docket clerks, and often lawyers need to contact them for updates about their filings’ statuses and deadlines. Due to the ease-of-use of the platform, it’s not uncommon for lawyers to log in to find a status or deadline, in addition to receiving automated alerts. With Alt Legal, everything is simpler.

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