Alt Legal: Trademark and Patent Docketing Software
“From the moment I started law school, I knew I wanted to be involved with intellectual property law.”
David Schnider
Nolan Heimann, LLP
General Practice boutique firm

David Schnider has been practicing for over 15 years. Before he switched to Alt Legal, he used one of the legacy trademark docketing software systems, but he was never satisfied with the software.

“I found it very cumbersome. It had lots of options, but they were difficult to understand. Most of them I didn't need. The software was incredibly expensive, and even when I’d sit through the trainings, I could never reproduce the trainers’ results. It was mind-numbing.”

He was surprised at how easy it was to switch to Alt Legal.

”It was fantastic. I had assumed that I would have to move in all my trademarks. Instead, I just logged in, and everything was there. I was able to use it immediately.”

By avoiding the need to continually go back and forth with clients, our docketing and intake tools save him hours with each client. His practice is much more efficient because of Alt Legal. Our intuitive design, seamless automation, and powerful reports have eliminated a lot of the drudge work of IP practice. So not only does he spend less time on routine tasks, but David also has more fun practicing law. Now he has time to focus on revenue-generating work instead of administrative tasks.

“We’re now able to take on more clients than we could before.”

David says the best thing about Alt Legal is our design, and he appreciates how hard we work to constantly improve the software.

“The software is easy to understand, easy to navigate, well put together, and seamless. It just gets better and better all the time.”

Like many of our other customers, David says that our constant improvement and our exemplary customer service make us stand out from the competition.

“Whenever I talk to people about Alt Legal, I always brag about the customer service. I've never gotten on the chat and not gotten a quick response. Alt Legal is also the only piece of software I’ve ever used where I said, ‘I wish the software would do X,’ and before long it does. It’s great that the software is always improving, and I appreciate how seriously they take my feedback.”