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I ♡ Trademarks Newsletter Issue #317

Bri Van Til | December 06, 2022
2 min read

From Your Friends at Alt Legal

Not sure what to get those trademark lovers in your life? Check out our great holiday gift guide!

Don’t miss our last webinar of the year this Thursday: come get a first look at our newest product: Trademark Application Match.

Can you believe the TMA was implemented a year ago? Learn about how the USPTO handled the new expungement and reexamination proceedings and get tips and strategies for filing successful petitions.

Hey! That’s Mine!

Nike is suing Kool Kiy & Omi for allegedly producing knockoffs of their famous shoes.

Pure Labs is telling its competition to stop trying to act angelic: they want the company to step off their Halo trademarks. You might say “they’re all like hal(n)o.”

When life gives you a Toyota, make a Ferrari out of it. Or, actually, you probably shouldn’t since a guy who did that is being sued.

Tech It on the Run

The USPTO is hosting a webinar about trademarks for newer technologies.

NFTs have seen quite a year. Read all about some of the most significant NFT-related IP disputes this year.

Looking for a throwback? Check out the original website designs of these now-famous companies.

A new trademark application suggests that Samsung is creating a self-repairing phone. I’d like a self-cleaning kitchen next, please!

Professional Concerns

Tired of the battles with your current employer? Declare Marshall Law to be your next employer. Marshall, Gerstein & Borun is looking for a trademark paralegal.

If you went to work as a contract-to-hire attorney with Tamara Pester straight out of college, would you say you had your mortar (board) and Pester? Oh, I might need to go back to the grindstone to sharpen my joke skills, folks.

Stone Alliance Group is looking for general counsel. I bet that job would rock.

This job as general counsel for NASA is probably out of this world. It could really launch your career. They’d give you space to grow. I’m just saying: you’d really rocket there.

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

Just a reminder: office actions issued on §1 and §44 trademark applications now have 3-month deadlines for responses!

Here’s yet another First Amendment defense against alleged trademark infringement.

This Ninth Circuit ruling might completely change litigation options for combatting international infringers.

Guns N’ Roses is telling a Texas flower and firearm store: You’re crazy if you think we’ll let you use our trademarks. It’s so easy to use someone else’s trademarks, but we have no patience for that. So live, and let die that trademark application.

The University of North Dakota’s hockey team recently unveiled its new jerseys, but ownership of the related trademark has some crying foul.

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