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Alt Legal CEO and Founder Nehal Madhani Delivers Keynote Address at Alt Legal Connect

Alt Legal Team | October 26, 2020
2 min read

Welcoming over 300 attendees from across the globe to Alt Legal Connect, Alt Legal CEO and Founder Nehal Madhani delivered an inspiring keynote address. Madhani’s speech addressed the future of trademark prosecution and Alt Legal’s vision for changing how trademark professionals practice. Madhani stated that Alt Legal aims to support growth among trademark professionals by providing tools and resources to better understand and support clients. After asserting his commitment to fostering a close-knit and welcoming community to bring trademark professionals together, Madhani unveiled several exciting announcements for the Alt Legal Community.

Automation with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Alt Legal prides itself on being innovative and truly listening to its customers, who have long asked for automated international trademark coverage similar to Alt Legal’s automated docketing with US trademarks. Madhani announced that Alt Legal is taking the first step towards automated international trademark coverage by rolling out CIPO integration that will automate the docketing of Canadian trademark deadlines.

Better Support for International Trademark Docketing

As Alt Legal continues to work towards providing more automated international trademark coverage, Madhani announced that Alt Legal will soon include international trademark data from an outside company. Alt Legal customers can expect to see this update in their accounts in the next few months.

New Resource Center 

Madhani stressed the importance and value of content in the Alt Legal Community. Since the COVID-19 lockdown began in March, Alt Legal’s Director of Education, Bri Van Til, has spearheaded a bi-weekly webinar series on popular substantive trademark topics as well as practice management skills. The webinar series has been very well-received and hugely popular, drawing nearly 1,000 trademark professionals. Alt Legal is aggregating all of the content from the webinars and other content prepared by the team in a new resource center at

Free Paralegal Course

Madhani was excited to announce the launch of Alt Legal’s free paralegal course. He explained that customers have struggled to find paralegals who understand trademark prosecution, meanwhile, trademark paralegals have expressed frustration in finding quality content about trademark practice. Alt Legal has gathered top attorneys and paralegals at law firms and in-house departments throughout the country to design and teach the tools of the trade. This course was prepared under the guidance of two former educators and will have video content and guided notes, resources, quizzes, and a final exam. Alt Legal will also offer a certification program where students can become Certified Alt Legal Paralegals. The first two sections of the paralegal course are available now at Additional courses will be made available later this year.

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