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Alt Legal Connect: Workshops Recap

Alt Legal Team | September 16, 2021
5 min read

At Alt Legal Connect 2021, we organized 17 interactive, small-group workshops, allowing participants to take a very practical, hands-on approach to a particular topic. Workshops covered a variety of topics relating to substantive law, professional development, and practice management.

In “A Feather in Your Map: Mapping and refining your client journey”, Nefra MacDonald, Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio, provided a crash course in Client-Centered Lawyering, showing attendees how to use Client Journey Mapping to understand how clients relate to a lawyer’s brand and to better connect with current and potential clients.

 In “All Bark and No Bio?: Writing a bio that communicates who you are”, Elyssa LeFevre Chayo, Founder and CEO of Firm Forward, walked attendees through the often-overlooked task of bio writing. She showed attendees how to craft bios for different channels while establishing consistency and ensuring that your personality shines through.

In “Fit as a Google: Building your firm’s Google My Business page”, Rio Peterson, Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio, discussed Google My Business profiles and the impact that they can have on your firm’s bottom line. She showed attendees how to set up a GMB profile, what information to include, and how to leverage the powerful analytical insights available through GMB.

In “Flat Out the Best: Creating flat-fee pricing for your services”, Dan Lear, Technology Lawyer at Gravity Legal, offered concrete guidance on how to create, sell, and price flat fee legal services. He discussed the benefits of flat-fee services and provided concrete strategies for pricing your flat-fee services.

In “I SpeciMEANT to Provide Proof of Use: Explaining specimen requirements to clients”, Lindsey Corbin, Founder of discussed specimen requirements and helped attendees prepare a client-ready email outlining specimen requirements to a client to ensure that they provide acceptable specimens. She also provided tips for identifying altered, falsified, or otherwise fraudulent specimens.

In “In Use, or Not In Use: That is the Question”, Tamara Rabenold, CEO of Vaudra International provided tips and tricks for conducting a use investigation. She identified useful online resources and provided attendees with a step-by-step outline for conducting an investigation along with some more advanced tactics and tools to consider.

In “Link Outside the Box: Business development using LinkedIn”, Phil Cox Founder of Phil Cox, Business Development for IP Attorneys showed attendees how to use LinkedIn to identify target clients and contacts. He also provided a framework for reaching out and engaging with targets and also following up and forming real relationships and business opportunities.

In “Natural Collection: Building an effective, respectful, and efficient process for getting clients to pay their bills”, Chelsea Williams, Founder of Core Solutions Group, and Emery Wager of Gravity Legal helped attendees build a well-defined collections process to get paid faster while maintaining client relationships. They provided attendees with personalized email drafts and phone scripts and tools for clearly communicating your billing process and expectations.

In “Post-Haste: Creating quick, effective, and share-worthy social media posts”, attorney and social media pro Catherine Tang showed attendees how to create their own trending social media posts with eye-catching images and effective language. She also defined the most effective hashtags for reaching your audience.

In “Put Your Skills to the TESS: TESS search strategies and practice”, former USPTO examiner Ed Timberlake provided an overview of Free Form TESS searches, explaining truncation and phonetic equivalents. He also provided tips for finding conflicting marks.

In “The Inclusive Approach: Increasing Diversity through Mentorship”, attorney Neena R. Speer discussed the importance of mentorship in increasing diversity in law as well as tips and tricks for making your practice more inclusive. She introduced her signature “Step 1-2-3 Mentor” methodology for mentoring and provided a framework for finding mentees and guiding them to success.

In “Rule Your Own Domain: Researching, monitoring, and protecting domains”, Sara Freixa, Director of Sales, IP & Security Strategies at Com Laude showed participants how to use public directories to discover information about domains and their owners. She also discussed how to register a domain, what to do if a domain coincides with your registered trademark, and how to recover a domain.

In “Be Quick on the Update: Keeping clients informed about their filings”, Bri Van Til, Director of Education at Alt Legal, worked with attendees to craft email templates to send to clients about trademark filing status updates. She helped attendees select the proper tone, style, and structure for their communications and consider what information to include in each template.

In “Revving up Your Referral$: Putting your clients to work for you” Gabrielle O’Toole, Regional Sales Manager at Alt Legal provided a plan for getting referrals and new clients. She discussed how to leverage and identify current and former clients as referral sources. She also helped attendees craft personalized messages to clients asking for referrals.

In “Sell Your Services, Not Your Soul: Generating additional business from existing clients”, Lauren Amanda Adler, VP of Sales at Alt Legal taught attendees how to confidently and naturally generate more business from their existing clients. She brainstormed what additional services attendees could offer to clients and drafted language to sell these services.

In “Watch Out: Pitching monitoring services to cover your clients’ assets”, Joe Quinn, Regional Sales Manager at Alt Legal helped attendees identify which clients could benefit from watch services and how to pitch these services to clients. He also explained the various types of watch services and price ranges for each.

In “X Markets the Spot: Building an individual marketing plan”, Stacy Zinken, VP of Marketing at Alt Legal provided attendees with a framework for building their own individual marketing plans, taking into account where they are in practice and where they want to go. She also helped participants create their own individualized marketing plans and showed them how to connect the plan to broader industry/practice group and firm-wide strategies.

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