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Alt Legal Provides Fast, Easy Migration

We know that switching docketing systems can seem daunting. That’s why we’ve invested in technology and processes to make migrations free and easy. Customers rave about how simple it is to switch to Alt Legal.

See how easy it is to make the switch

With Alt Legal, Migration Isn’t Scary!

The idea of switching to a new IP docketing system can seem daunting. Just the thought of embarking on a potentially long, expensive, and frustrating process makes staying with your less-than-ideal system the safer choice. Alt Legal is different. We offer a no-cost, customized migration and onboarding program that makes the process seamless and painless.

Here’s what you can expect with a migration to Alt Legal:

No Cost

We don’t believe in charging you to become a customer. Initial and ongoing migration in and out of Alt Legal is free for all types of matters and for all of your contacts and other related data. If you decide to migrate to Alt Legal in stages (for example, first migrating your USPTO data, then your international data, then your non-trademark matters), we are happy to provide you with that flexibility at no additional cost.

Quick Turnaround

Your docketing system is critical to your day-to-day work, making timely migration imperative.  Alt Legal combines a high-touch approach with underlying proprietary technology to complete migrations in as quick as one day (up to two weeks on the longer end), depending on the size of your docket. Our customer success team has handled thousands of migrations and draws on this experience to create and execute a customized plan for your migration.

Customized Set-Up

Our hands-on approach results in an IP docketing system customized to your organization’s workflow. This starts with learning more about your current processes and existing data and then mapping out how the data will be organized within Alt Legal. We then create a migration plan that meets your timing and needs.

We also review different customization options with you to support your docketing goals. For example, our software allows you to tag matters and search by the particular tag. Tags are completely customizable and can be assigned to matters during the migration. You can create tags such as: “Invoice Client”, “Let Abandon”, “VIP”, “Check Status”. Our pre-built customization options are included within your subscription, so you won’t need to worry about additional charges.

Clean Data

Beyond ensuring that all of your data is properly transferred over, we use the migration as an opportunity to help with any necessary data clean-up. We rely on our direct IP office connections to bring in as much trademark data as possible. We also verify that all USPTO trademark filings assigned to you or your organization are entered into our system. Additionally, our customer support team performs a range of searches using USPTO data to ensure that all available information associated with you or your organization has been captured and entered into your docket.

Individual Training

We offer unlimited, complimentary, individualized training to help you make the most out of your customized Alt Legal IP management system, reminders via email, and calendar syncs. In addition, you will have access to our library of support materials, as well as live chat, telephone support, and ongoing individual training sessions at no additional cost.

You might be wondering how we are able to provide timely migrations at no cost: it almost sounds too good to be true! We’ve made it our goal to provide seamless migrations, and we have invested in developing an infrastructure to support your move to Alt Legal. This sets us apart from other less-than-enjoyable technology projects you might be thinking back to. Let us show you the Alt Legal difference. It all starts with our goal of making trademark professionals’ lives easier.

Switching is easy with free data migration

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