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Roundtable Expectations Participants

Expectations for Roundtable Discussion Participants

A Roundtable Discussion is intended to resemble a live, in-person conversation. As such, we ask that all moderators and participants have webcams and mics on throughout the discussion. 

Please arrive on time and be ready to discuss the topic at hand. Seats for roundtable discussions are limited, so please do not sign up for sessions you cannot attend. Participants arriving late will not be allowed to enter the room.

All participants are expected to engage in civil discourse and to treat one another with kindness and respect. Interrupting, speaking over, or being rude to others is unacceptable. Moderators who believe a participant’s behavior is unacceptable have the authority to remove that participant from the discussion. A participant who is removed from more than one discussion will not be allowed to sign up for or attend future roundtable discussions.

We also kindly ask that you be mindful of others and allow them equal participation. While we hope that you’re excited about the topics and want to engage in discussion about them, we want to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be heard. Similarly, because a discussion is only as good as its participants make it, we encourage everyone to actively participate. If you are looking for a session that you can just observe or can multitask during, please instead consider attending one of our webinars instead. Roundtable discussions require active participation and engagement, so we’d kindly ask that you give the discussion your full attention and that you participate in the discussion.

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