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Alt Legal Global IP Docketing Features

Global Automation – Adding International Matters

In partnership with CompuMark, Alt Legal automatically retrieves data from 180+ global IP offices to help facilitate your global trademark docketing and eliminate manual steps from the process. Simply enter an application or a registration number and a jurisdiction, and Alt Legal will automatically collect the matter information, input it into your docket, and calculate global use and renewal deadlines

Our sophisticated database has automatic deadline calculations for renewals in over 160 jurisdictions and will automatically calculate statutory deadlines based on your filing’s status.

If the filing is in a jurisdiction not currently covered by our software, simply click to add deadlines. Use Alt Legal’s smart statuses by typing into the status box and selecting the appropriate suggestion. Supplement any statutory deadlines with your own custom deadlines, tasks, and info dates, add notes to any matter, upload relevant documents, and add contacts and/or collaborators to control who has access.”

Also, add notes to any filing, as well as add documents and contacts and/or collaborators.

Easily Update Your International Docket

Easily validate changes to your docketed trademarks to keep your global portfolio current with a few clicks. Also, our software updates USPTO trademarks automatically and will provide automatic data updates for CIPO trademarks.

Your non-USPTO/CIPO have the option of connecting to a third-party trademark data aggregator to populate the bibliographical data of your trademarks.

In order to connect to the data aggregation service, you will need both the jurisdiction and the Application Number or Registration Number of the trademark. Once entered, Alt Legal will connect to the service and provide data for you to review and accept, or reject.

Once your mark is connected to the third-party data source, you are given access to the “Review Mode”. There will be a button to enter review mode in the top right, as well as a small icon next to the “View” and “Edit Modes”

Fields with data available for review will be highlighted in Blue. Clicking a field will allow you to accept or reject the available data.

Streamline Your International Docket Updates

Customize and streamline your international docket upates by editing matters, disconnecting matters from our data source to docket manually, or deactivating matters to stop receiving updates. You can still take advantage of our Smart Status system to help you with your registered marks, which generates and dockets use and renewal deadlines globally. In certain jurisdictions, there are multiple statuses that could exist because of law changes or updates to IP rights over time and our software recognizes all of these statuses so that your docket will always be accurate and up-to-date.

Here is how your international matters will be handled in Alt Legal depending on the status that you assign to them:


This mark is not currently connected to the third-party data source, so it will not provide you with data updates. The mark will no longer have a review mode, and any updates will need to be more manually handled.


This mark is now connected to the third-party data provider, and you will receive notifications when there is a change in the data. You have full access to the review mode to accept or reject changes as needed.

Disconnected due to matter inactivation

The matter will no longer look for updates or notify you of changes at the data aggregator as the trademark has been inactivated.

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