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Alt Legal WebinarWe Don't Want Everyone 2(c): Protecting famous clients' identities

Thursday, April 13, 2023
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM ET

1.25 hour event

Virtual event

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The past decade has seen a drastic increase in brand ambassadors and influencers in the entertainment and merchandise industries. Along with their success comes fame, wealth, and—for some clients—unwanted recognition. For a variety of reasons clients may choose to protect their identities and addresses, but the USPTO’s pseudonym/alias disclosure requirements and domicile address issues complicate this issue. In this webinar, Matt Kulseth of Mighty Marks guides participants through various strategies to protect client anonymity. Topics include:

  • An explanation of §2(c) office actions and how they make protecting clients’ identities difficult
  • Examples such as famous artists and content creators like BANKSY and DREAM who have fought to maintain their anonymity
  • Suggestions for protecting clients’ right to privacy, including forming corporations, filing overseas, and more

View webinar recording here (free registration required).

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