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Alt Legal WebinarLicense to Thrive: Structuring trademark agreements for client success

Thursday, March 14, 2024
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM ET

1.25 hour event

Virtual event

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Whether you represent a huge multinational corporation or a tiny mom-and-pop store, licensing can be a huge part of increasing a brand’s exposure and profitability. Having clear terms helps both sides understand their rights and responsibilities and reduce chances of conflict. In this webinar, Stephanie Grenald, IP in-house counsel responsible for drafting license agreements for some of the world’s largest companies—including, Amazon, IMDb, Wenner Media (Rolling Stone Magazine and US Weekly), the Hinduja Family, and more—guides you through drafting effective licensing agreements. In particular, she addresses:

  • How to define key terms and clauses in license agreements
  • When to use various types of licensing arrangements
  • How to negotiate effectively, regardless of which side you’re representing
  • What language to include to ensure clarity and minimize chances of litigation

View webinar recording here (free registration required.)

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