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Alt Legal WebinarInternational Numbers: Expanding your trademark portfolio around the globe

Thursday, August 11, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM ET

1.25 hour event

Virtual event

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In this global economy, expanding your clients’ trademark portfolios abroad can help them protect their brands. It can also help you expand your portfolio and generate more revenue for your firm. But where should you begin? In this webinar, Olivia Clavio of TYZ Law explains how to meet and collaborate with foreign counsel to expand your portfolio and how and when to discuss international filings with clients. Then Alt Legal Director of Customer Success Sophia Ottinger discusses best practices for docketing and managing international filings in Alt Legal’s Docketing Software. Topics include:

  • How to speak with clients about their business plans
  • Why you should know foreign trademark laws in addition to those in the US
  • How to build connections with and vet foreign counsel
  • Which software tools you’ll need for global brand protection
  • How to docket and report foreign matters

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