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Alt Legal WebinarGetting to 100%: Managing receivables, avoiding missed payments, and maintaining sufficient revenues in this crazy time

Tuesday, April 07, 2020


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Many attorneys fail to fully collect for hard work they put in for clients. Sure, harassing clients via email or phone or sending Dog the Bounty Hunter to their door are two ways to get them to “pay up,” but that may not be the best approach generally (with some variation for practice area and style) and it’s almost certainly not in the midst of a global pandemic.

It’s hard to think about what to do and how to do it when there’s so much fear, uncertainty, and even suffering going on right now. And yet, many firms want and maybe even need to bring both business and, more importantly, money in the door to continue to keep firms and livelihoods afloat.

This webinar starts with some suggestions and strategies about how to think about business and clients in this crazy time. It also includes some payments and collections strategies such as leveraging your trust account, charging flat fees, and subscription billing, that can help both now and later, when this all blows over, ensure that law firms  get paid.

Host Bio: Dan Lear is Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Gravity Legal, a financial technology company that helps lawyers manage and move money. Previously Dan was Director of Industry Relations for the legal marketplace Avvo. Dan believes in the power of technology to transform the legal sector and make lawyers’ lives easier. Before Avvo Dan worked as a technology attorney and is licensed in Washington State.

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