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Alt Legal WebinarEurope Next: How to secure European trademarks

Thursday, March 09, 2023
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM ET

1.25 hour event

Virtual event

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Europe is undoubtedly a wonderful market for expansion of US businesses. However, unlike the US, one trademark cannot offer protection in 50+ countries of the continent of Europe. In order to protect their rights in the whole continent, businesses should consider combining available regional and national trademark systems in the region, taking into account peculiarities of different European countries. In this webinar, trademark attorneys Andrej Bukovnik and Taras Kulbaba of Bukovnik & Kulbaba provide an introduction to trademark protection in Europe. The webinar offers suggestions for successful trademark protection in Europe, including:

  • Europe-wide trademark searches and clearance
  • Absolute grounds for refusal and how to avoid office actions
  • Oppositions and observations: how and when to use them in your practice
  • Administrative and court procedures for cancellation
  • The impact of Russian invasion into Ukraine on trademark protection in the region

View webinar recording here (free registration required).

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