Alt Legal’s Trademark Docketing and Intake Make Adriano’s Practice More Efficient

Adriano Pacifici - trademark docketing customer
Adriano PacificiLead Trademark AttorneyTobler Law Firm

Adriano Pacifici initially managed his firm’s deadlines manually: he used a combination of spreadsheets and calendars to keep track of their deadlines.

I was tracking everything by hand, and while I never missed a deadline or anything, it was not very efficient.

“There was no notification when an action was taken, so I’d have to go to the USPTO’s website to find out about approvals, publications, etc. I was tracking everything by hand, and while I never missed a deadline or anything, it was not very efficient.”

About a year after he joined the firm, we reached out to Adriano about Alt Legal’s IP management software, and he immediately signed up.

“From just the demo, the software sounded good. I spoke with Nehal on the phone and decided to run with it. It was easy to sign up, and the process was pretty smooth. I expected it to be tedious to transfer everything over, but the automatic data collection from the USPTO made it really easy.”

Adriano immediately came to love our simple and user-friendly interface.

“I like being able to scroll through and see a feed of what’s coming up. And it’s super easy to add a new filing, especially since Alt Legal automatically detects our filings. The daily update emails are also incredibly helpful.”

Adriano is thrilled with how efficient our docketing software makes his practice.

“I know that I save minutes on each filing. Over the course of a single year, we aren’t even talking hours that Alt Legal saves me; we’re talking days!”

By making his practice more efficient, we have made Adriano’s practice more profitable so that he can focus on growing his clientele.

“Alt Legal has helped in numerous ways. It’s helped in keeping track of my docketing tasks and making that more efficient, but overall I’m just more organized. I love the updates and being able to share current statuses with my clients so easily. Overall, Alt Legal software makes me more productive and secure in knowing that I’m not going to miss deadlines.”

Adriano also loves our friendly customer service and live support.

“The support has always been fabulous. Alt Legal is always there for me when I need help. Comparing their service to that of all the other products and services I use, Alt Legal is up there with the best of them.”

Making the switch has never been easier