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The Fees They Are A’Changin’ (Maybe)

Alt Legal Team | September 05, 2019
< 1 min read

The USPTO is set to reconsider its fees for trademark applications, registrations, and maintenance this month, including a proposed 25% per class increase for paper applications (bringing them up to $750 per class) and electronic applications (bringing them up to $500 per class).

The proposal does not currently include rate increases for maintenance or use/intent to use fees, but it does include significant increases—up to 100%—for some TTAB requests and appeals.

Selected Proposed Fee Changes

Description Current fee Proposed fee % Increase
New application (paper) $600 $750 25%
New application (TEAS) $400 $500 25%
Reduced-Fee TEAS application $275 $350 27%
Filing statement of use (paper) $200 $200 0%
Filing statement of use (TEAS) $100 $100 0%
Application for renewal (paper) $500 $500 0%
Application for renewal (TEAS) $300 $300 0%
Petition to cancel (paper) $500 $700 40%
Petition to cancel (ESTTA) $400 $600 50%
Ex Parte appeal (paper) $300 $500 67%
Ex Parte appeal (ESTTA) $200 $400 100%

Those wishing to attend or even testify at the Trademark Public Advisory Committee Public Hearing on the Proposed Trademark Fee Schedule can go here for more information about the hearing. Those wishing to testify must submit a request by September 23rd.

Those wishing to submit comments in writing should email them, preferably in plain text, to by September 30th.

Details about the proposals are here, and the table of proposed fees can be downloaded here.

Stay tuned for more information about the proposed changes!

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