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Alt Legal CEO Nehal Madhani Appointed to TPAC

Alt Legal Team | December 06, 2023
2 min read

We are delighted to share that Nehal Madhani, CEO of Alt Legal, has been appointed to the USPTO’s Trademark Public Advisory Committee (TPAC). This committee is comprised of esteemed trademark practitioners and academics dedicated to enhancing USPTO’s services, protecting trademark rights, and broadening access to the innovation ecosystem. Nehal’s appointment is notable as it represents one of the first instances where a vendor in the trademark and IP space has been chosen for TPAC, reflecting his commitment to enhancing trademark practices and fostering a global trademark community.

Nehal’s extensive experience in trademarks, technology, and policy, shaped by over a decade in the industry, equips him to make significant contributions to TPAC. His path to this field started at UPenn Law, leading to a career as a restructuring attorney before he shifted to developing technology tools aimed at legal practice efficiency. This pivot was inspired by his firsthand encounters with inefficiencies in prosecuting intellectual property.

At Alt Legal, Nehal has been instrumental in refining global trademark prosecution processes. His efforts are reflected in the company’s branding – “I ♡ Trademarks” – and the precision of its software. Additionally, Nehal has championed the need for high-quality, accessible legal education. He has guided his team to develop free IP law resources including:

For Nehal, leadership at Alt Legal extends beyond guiding company initiatives. He leads a diverse team, emphasizing inclusivity, especially as a first-generation immigrant and person of color. He intends to bring his dedication to diversity and inclusion to his role at TPAC.

In line with his interest in promoting unity and accessibility, Nehal founded the International Intellectual Property Standards Group (IIPSG), a nonprofit focusing on standardizing and democratizing access to global IP laws and data. This initiative aims to improve insight into the global IP prosecution process, particularly for smaller IP holders who often face challenges due to the lack of standardization among international IP offices. IIPSG’s goal is to make IP records, laws, and educational content globally accessible.

Nehal is excited about leveraging his unique skills as a member of TPAC and collaborating with other trademark professionals to support the USPTO and TPAC’s objectives.

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