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Ladies Techin’ Control

Alt Legal Team | March 08, 2017
3 min read

Brace yourselves. Women are here (and not just for the winter—WOOHOO!). Women’s day is one of our favorite holidays because women and girls around the world collectively declare love for our sisters from other misters. The world marches today and takes sexism head-on, except in China, where the men can be found hiking in heels. Here at Alt Legal, we recognize the social, political, economic, and cultural achievements and the continuing contributions made by women. Best of all, we practice what we preach. Alt Legal, an IP docketing software company, is led by a team that is committed to developing a diverse culture that is fair, inclusive, and rewarding.

 Meg, Gabi, and Bri in our Kansas City Office.

Our company culture is integral to providing a great product and great service, but it also impacts how our team operates and ensures our employees are happy and proud to work at Alt Legal

Bri Van Til, our Marketing and Data Analyst, said, “It’s so refreshing to work at a company where I feel valued. I love feeling like we are, in some small way, changing the face of technology companies.”

Miriam Rosenhaus, our Marketing Manager, said, “I was immediately blown away by the team’s commitment to fostering personal and professional growth. At Alt Legal, I am given so much freedom and opportunity to take on projects that interest me. There is a collaborative environment that overlooks hierarchy, gender or race: we are just focused on solving problems and creating kickass IP docketing software.”

It’s inspiring to see women in technology. With each passing year, we hear more and more stories of empowerment and advice—thank you, Susan Wojcicki, who advocates federally mandated parental leave and has proven (5 times to be exact) that “career-driven,” “leader,” and “mother” can coexist. Unfortunately, not all narratives merit celebration. War stories reveal the ongoing battle against gender bias and discrimination. Our hearts went out to Ellen Pao when she lost a landmark sexual discrimination lawsuit and now to Susan J. Fowler, a former Uber engineer, whose battle is underway. Women ought not have to fight for equal treatment and respect. The battle is not over—not yet. Not until discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, or any dimension that differentiates is a story of the past.

Today, especially, we celebrate the women whose accomplishments have been and are still unrecognized, the women who have and are bravely fighting the battle (special shout out to the ladies who started it all in 1909), and the people who practice what they preach. At Alt Legal, we are proud to say we are equal, and over half of our team is female. Gabi Dombrowski, one of our engineers, said, “It’s refreshing to be at a place that has a genuine vested interest in making sure everyone feels valued, empowered, and comfortable. Alt Legal even manages to do it in a sensible and effortless way, and that’s mostly because we all get to bring our diverse perspectives to a level playing field.” Speak up. Dare to be bold. Lean in. After all, as Michelle Obama said, “No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens.” On Wednesday we wear red.

Miriam, Hannah, and Debbie in our New York City Office.

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