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I ♡ Trademarks NewsletterIssue #359

Bri Van Til | October 24, 2023
2 min read

Nontraditional Trademarks

TTAB has found that Duracell can register a sound mark for the three-note sound played in its advertisements, particularly given that they played the noise in in-store displays also.

How does KitKat’s attempt to register the candy’s shape as a trademark in the UK highlight the potential risks associated with pursuing nontraditional trademarks?

A lighting company is suing Wayfair for trade dress infringement for selling a cloud-shaped lighting assembly, a configuration for which they have a trademark.

Learn more about trade dress registrations here and nontraditional trademarks here.

Promoting Diversity

How do diversity, IP, and marketing converge to form a winning strategy for companies?

After numerous articles have emerged about AI’s biases (here‘s one such article), this inventor has created an AI platform trained with inclusivity and diversity in mind.

Here are some things you can do to promote diversity and social justice, even if you aren’t hiring.

It’s Just a Game

This 14-year trademark battle over the name EDGE might be on the edge of being over.

Fans are speculating that Nintendo’s renewal of its TOMODACHI LIFE trademark might signal a return of the game.

Here’s a glimpse into Nintendo’s IP and licensing practices, in case you’re curious.

Austrian video game developer THQ Nordic has filed a trademark application for MAD DOGS OF MOTORCITY.

Professional Concerns

If you need a N(e)W gig, apply to be a trademark attorney at this Oregon firm.

Dun & Bradstreet—which is a business consulting company, not an intersection of roads or of life choices—is looking for senior IP and licensing counsel.

Strike up a conversation with Match Group; they’re looking for senior IP counsel.

Apply for this Legendary position as global head of IP.

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

The Federal Circuit has found that fraud in seeking incontestability can’t lead to a mark’s cancelation.

With a lot of stipulations, of course, the USPTO will allow for limited modification of trademarks if a delivery method is completely supplanted.

A trademark application suggests that Philly might become the City of BROTHERLY SHOVE.

Starbucks is suing its employee union for trademark infringement, a common story recently.

Calling all paralegals, legal assistants, and other administrators: join the TMAE tomorrow for this webinar about how to negotiate for a higher salary, more benefits, and other conditions to make you love your job.

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