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I ♡ Trademarks NewsletterIssue #355

Bri Van Til | September 26, 2023
2 min read

ARTificial Intelligence

Earlier this month, the US Copyright Office’s Review Board refused to issue a copyright for an award-winning AI artwork, despite the artist’s use of hundreds of prompts and his own Photoshop skills to make the art his own.

Arstechnica says the Office’s treatment of the above artwork is a “mistake” and offers what the author calls “a better approach.”

What are the big issues currently being debated around art and AI?

She Drives Me Crazy

Lamborghini is working with CNIPA’s new process to combat trademark squatting and infringement.

GM has received a patent for a system to measure EV output while off-roading.

Michelin has prevailed in a trademark infringement suit in Canada against a tire manufacturer selling a tire with a “a virtually identical tread design.”

The EUIPO has rejected Porche’s soundmark application for the artificial sound they created for their electric cars—which the engineers compared to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

This headline suggests BMW is scrapping its old model naming conventions, but don’t worry: it’s still just a series of letters and numbers.

Higher Education

There’s been debate about bringing CLE requirements to Maryland. Here’s what resident Carolyn Elefant has to say about the requirement.

Former NFL player turned Colorado Buffaloes’ coach Deion Saunders has filed trademarks applications for four catchphrases.

Yale owes the VA $1.5 million for a ketamine patent royalty payment “oversight.”

Will SUNY Morrisville’s new black turf be seen as infringing Boise State’s self-proclaimed common-law trademark for “any non-green playing field”?

Professional Concerns

Want to GitJob as senior counsel? Apply for this position at GitHub.

Current job too Vanilla? Consider being corporate counsel for this estate planning software company.

Let’s set the record straight: this job as counsel for The Recording Academy could be pretty great.

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

A New York bill would mean employers won’t be able to stake a claim on certain inventions employees create on their own time and with their own resources.

Comic creator Bill Willingham—author of Fables—has released his IP into the public domain.

Wondering how much a Madrid-protocol-based trademark application is going to cost? Use this fee calculator (and this explanation of the fee calculator) to find out.

The USPTO has issued new guidance requiring TTAB and PTAB judges to disclose whether they or their immediate family members have stocks for any disclosed or real parties to cases they’re hearing. Check it out here.

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