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I ♡ Trademarks NewsletterIssue #334

Bri Van Til | April 25, 2023
2 min read

AI Examination

Might we expect to see taxes on AI’s labor?

“Heart On My Sleeve,” a song that sounds like it was recorded by Drake and The Weeknd, turns out to have been created by AI. Do you feel a little Weeknd after hearing that news?

Technology resource site Stack Overflow plans to charge companies that want to train their AI on its data.

The National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee is set to report to Congress tomorrow. Later in the afternoon, several members of the Committee will discuss the report, their views on its findings, and more.

Play It Again, Scam!

The USPTO is hosting a webinar on Thursday about how filers can avoid trademark scams.

Scams are slowing down the trademark review process because, as USPTO Deputy Commissioner Amy Cotton put it, “We just weren’t built to handle fraud.”

“Between 2011 and 2021, Rolexes outperformed the stock market, real estate, and gold,” but items that valuable are bound to lead to counterfeiters and scammers.

Intentional omission of facts from a proceeding can be argued to be “attempts to defraud [the] Court” and may affect a case’s outcome.

This IP protection consultant is warning that some data attackers may steal information but wait to decrypt it, with the eventual goal of  using it to disrupt supply chains, steal IP, and wreak other havoc.

Law School Confidential

We’ve compiled this guide with tons of resources to help students interested in pursuing trademark law. Share it as widely as you’d like!

After several law schools opted to boycott the US News law school rankings, they’re taking issue with the data presented in the publication.

Did you know that Alt Legal provides completely free docketing to law school clinics? If you or someone you know teaches a clinic, we’ll be happy to set you up with access!

Professional Concerns

Your Qvest for an IP and rights consultant position might end here.

The best opportunity for you to serve as senior director of brand licensing might be just around the Warner.

Some Fanatics are looking for a product and marketing legal director.

“And I said what about paralegals at Tiffany’s? She said I think I remember IP, and, as I recall I think we both kinda like it. And I said well, that’s the one thing we’ve got.” I’m pretty sure those were the lyrics from that ’90s song.

The USPTO is looking for a civil rights attorney advisor to help ensure IP rights are accessible to everyone. It looks like they’re only seeking one person, not civil. Yeah that’s the best joke I have for this one, but it seems like an important job, so it made the cut regardless.

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

The owners of this bakery donut know what to do now that the city has said the art they commissioned was too close to an advertisement, so they’re alleging free speech violations. What a crumby situation.

The USPTO is hosting an informational session about the rulemaking for upcoming changes to PTAB proceedings.

Here’s a list of ridiculous video game trademark applications.

Sometimes a trademark is just a trademark, and sometimes a trademark is seen as a symbol of national sovereignty.

Myanmar’s trademark office’s grand opening is tomorrow.

Going to Singapore for INTA Annual? Meet up with the Alt Legal team!

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