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I ♡ Trademarks NewsletterIssue #319

Bri Van Til | December 20, 2022
2 min read

Force and Enforcement

From knock-off McDonald’s to Stars Coffee and Krunchy Dream donuts, knock-off brands are popping up all over Russia. This author has some suggestions for enforcing your trademark rights.

The writer of the video series that was the inspiration for The Batman alleges that Warner Bros. is forcing DC Comics to sue him for writing an “unauthorized” story.

In Taiwan, not sending a cease and desist or filing suit against alleged infringers doesn’t waive the company’s rights to protect the mark later.

Apparently over 150 judges should have recused themselves from hearing over 1100 cases because of holding stocks of the companies whose cases they would hear, but the Fifth Circuit can’t force them to.

The PTO (and I don’t mean time off)

A USPTO campaign is telling youth to get “real.” The program encourages teens to stop buying counterfeits.

The USPTO is hosting a roundtable discussion to talk about trademarks and NFTs. To learn more about NFTs and trademarks, check out this recorded webinar from last year.

USPTO Director Kathi Vidal wants to see more women applying for patents: she says it could add $1 trillion to the US economy.

If you want the USPTO’s new trademark virtual assistant to be amazing, start using it and provide feedback to make it better.

Effective Update

The fight over trademark rights to Bellucci’s Pizza really heated up. The problem’s been settled, dough. There’s just no topping a good settlement as a resolution.

Walmart and Patagonia might need to take their battle outside: Patagonia says Walmart’s up to something fishy. Walmart has responded, but they say it’s all fair use.

The fight over the name Eleanor has been resolved.  I’m pretty sure the former First Lady gets to keep using it. Oh, this is a different Eleanor. Never mind.

Professional Concerns

Major League Soccer is looking for business affairs counsel. If they don’t land you, their job listing, like many of their games, might be pointless.

Spend the summer (and the rest of the year) in the Citi (legal department). Get a job as associate counsel.

Americares about having you as general counsel.

Get a job as trademark counsel at Frankfurt Kurnit. I know the firm has nothing to do with the Muppet frog, but now I have the song “Rainbow Connection” stuck in my head. Maybe it’s because the job is all sunshine and rainbows!

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

Looking to add a source of revenue to your firm? Check out our newest product: Trademark Application Match and this article about how to monetize it.

Deciding how similar beer is to seltzer will be critical to determining whether a Corona-branded seltzer infringes InBev’s trademarks.

How do you deal with being close to beating Wayne Gretzky’s records? With a trademark application, of course.

Don’t miss our webinar next month about how to start your (marketing) year off right!

There will be no issue of the  I ♡ Trademarks Newsletter next week. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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