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I ♡ Trademarks NewsletterIssue #307

Bri Van Til | September 20, 2022
2 min read

Join the Culture Club

How do you delicately tell a client that a mark they want to apply for is appropriating another culture and may be a PR disaster? Be sure to come to Alt Legal Connect in February and attend this session to learn how to approach this difficult situation. If you don’t have your ticket yet, go here to sign up, and use the code “newsletter” for a discount.

To celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, read all about how some popular Latinx celebrities have protected their brands.

The makers of Dungeons and Dragons are seeking an injunction to prevent the company’s trademarks from being associated with “racist” and “transphobic” content.

We’ve all heard that “culture eats strategy for lunch,” so how do you create a positive and effective culture at your firm? Don’t miss this Alt Legal Connect workshop to learn about the role of evaluations in firm culture.

Absorbing Expungement Info

What lessons can be learned from the TMA thus far?

The TMA calls for a “reasonable investigation” before seeking an expungement or reexamination. Check out this great guest blog post from IP private investigator Tamara Rabenold for some suggestions about how to find evidence.

And, of course, if you still have questions about expungements and reexaminations, make sure to join us for this Alt Legal Connect session.

That’s a Rap

Since ending his relationship with The Gap, Kanye West says he’s facing a lot of restrictions for his Yeezy brand. He’s vowed to fight the restrictions, posting, “Welp I guess the war’s not over.” I guess he’ll need to make a stronger negotiation.

Mattel has dropped its lawsuit against Rap Snacks for its Nicki Minaj-branded Barbie-Que chips.

50 Cent is celebrating the end of his relationship with Starz with a trademark application for CURTIS “50 CENT” JACKSON.

Professional Concerns

Apply to this job to register your interest if you’re interested in helping the USPTO protect the trademark register.

Has your current job lost its magic? Maybe you should apply to be senior IP counsel at Bristol Myers Squibb.

Looking for a position with potential for growth? Check out this opening with Weedmaps. There’s a high likelihood with them.

If you need a place to Chanel your energy, you could consider working as anti-counterfeiting counsel for this fashion company.

Imagine this job as senior ecommerce counsel for this retailer somehow involved you traveling around the world looking for adventure. They could make a movie about it. It’d be called The Secret Life of Walmart Mitty.

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has found that secondary meaning can be established even for anonymous sources or companies. For more about establishing secondary meaning, make sure to join us for this workshop at Alt Legal Connect!

A bar in Pensacola is alleging that the Jersey Shore spin-off Floribama Shore infringes their trademark.

There has been a pretty unpleasant—you might even call it Uggly—battle between boot manufacturers since “ugg” is a generic term for a type of boot in Australia.

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