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I ♡ Trademarks NewsletterIssue #297

Bri Van Til | July 12, 2022
2 min read

A Whole New (Digital) World

This article details ways that companies can ensure they’re prepared for cybersecurity incidents.

K&L Gates just released the third part of its series on NFTs. Check out the first two parts here and here.

What sorts of provisions should NFT contracts contain?

Check out this helpful article all about how to use Google Ads to market your firm.

This NFT-related trademark infringement case seeks to clarify how creators and owners can protect their digital assets.

IP Risks and Benefits

What value—and what risks—can be derived from using IP as collateral? For more on this subject, go the ABA’s webinar next week.

Amending patent claims can be risky, but when successful, it can create “super patents.”

When is it beneficial to use other types of IP filings—such as copyrights and design patents—to bolster trademark protection, and what are the risks associated with those filings? Join us for this webinar next week to learn all about overlapping IP protections.

Is counterfeiting a “victimless crime”?

Famous Names

A CBD company is going to need to pay Clint Eastwood a fistful of dollars for unlicensed use of his likeness. Get off my grass!

Is Nintendo’s latest trademark filing an attempt to supplant New South Wales—the most populous state in Australia?

Kanye West’s trademark application for YZSPLY suggests he may open retail stores.

NBCUniversal is suing an alleged “trademark squatter” for securing the trademark for DUNDER MIFFLIN, the name of the characters’ employer in The Office.

Professional Concerns

Thermo Fisher (Do you think that’s like being an ice fisher? Or would it be the opposite? Like someone who fishes in a volcano?) is looking for legal counsel.

The Evolution of your career is leading you to apply to be commercial counsel for this gaming company.

Don’t Loza your enthusiasm for trademarks; apply to be a trademark attorney here instead!

GE(e), should I consider working as IP counsel for this consumer electronics company? Yes, you should!

Looking to come out of your Shell? Apply to be senior IP counsel for this petroleum company.

Feel like your current job is giving you lemons? Then pull out your Citrix juicer and whip up some lemonade. Then drink that lemonade when you’re IP counsel.

If you end up serving as contracts counsel for this lighting company, do you think you’ll write a lot of Pelican briefs?

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

Photos of Prince are at issue in this case that’s completely unrelated to Warhol’s art pending before SCOTUS.

Just a reminder: federal employees—even those whose jobs are seemingly unrelated to the happenings of the USPTO—may not represent private clients before the USPTO.

Apple has been banned from selling 5G phones and iPads Colombia after an anti-antisuit injunction and a finding of patent infringement.

Coming soon to a courtroom near you: here’s an overview of important upcoming IP cases to monitor.

A lawyer who was running his practice from jail has been disbarred. Does that mean he’s no longer behind bars?

The USPTO is updating its patent and trademark assignment request processes starting next month.

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