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I ♡ Trademarks NewsletterIssue #295

Bri Van Til | June 28, 2022
2 min read

Global Domination

If you’re interested in helping clients obtain international trademark registrations but aren’t sure where to start, join us for this webinar in August to learn all the basics, including how to meet foreign counsel, how to discuss global registration with clients, and how to docket your international matters in Alt Legal.

Here’s an overview of recent changes to Vietnam’s trademark laws.

The UK High Court has found that a “fully rounded character” is subject to copyright protection.

A recent decision by the EUIPO helps clarify what entails “abuse” of the trademark system and what doesn’t.

When does it make more sense to file your international trademarks in individual countries, and when should you use WIPO? Check out this past webinar for an overview.


Whether you’re looking to protect a metaverse-original brand or to keep a traditional brand safe in the metaverse, join us for this webinar in August to learn the ins and outs of trademark protection in the metaverse.

The Senate is considering a bill to regulate NFTs and treat them as commodities.

It looks like Arizona State University is diving into Web3 with both feet: trademark applications suggest the University may offer classes about the metaverse and that they might use NFTs to authenticate documents.

The US has seen over 4000 NFT-related trademark applications so far this year.

Can you own that?

Kim Kardashian’s pursuit of SKKN (and related opposition to SKIN-related marks) has some crying foul.

Scotch whisky has been granted a trademark registration. Check out the registration here.

Tattoo artist Kat Von D is being sued for tattooing an allegedly copyrighted portrait.

THE® Ohio State University is now a thing.

Professional Concerns

I wonder if you can Spotify the position for senior litigation and copyright counsel.

Has your current job gotten kind of Boeing? Consider applying to be a senior IP professional for this airplane manufacturer.

Sharebite—which may have gotten its name from a hungry toddler—is looking for associate legal counsel.

If you wouldn’t rate your current job very highly, consider serving as senior litigation counsel for Nielsen.

Airbnb sure to check out this listing for senior marketing and IP counsel.

The elves said that there’s an IP position available at Shumaker.

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

The TMBP has been updated. Of particular note: check out the new section on Expungement and Reexamination procedures.

Paris Hilton is among the first defendants of Copyright Claims Board proceedings.

The California Attorney General wants to protect brands and consumers from cannabis companies‘ alleged trademark infringement.

Even well-known brands sometimes have trouble getting allegedly infringing websites taken down.

We’ve started a discussion group just for TMAs. Tell all the trademark and IP administrators, docketers, and paralegals you know to come join the Trademark Administrators’ Exchange!

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