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I ♡ Trademarks NewsletterIssue #290

Bri Van Til | May 24, 2022
2 min read

Conference Champions

Through Brand Action for Ukraine, the trademark community has raised over $80,000 for Ukrainian relief. Now the initiative is asking for help to bring that number to $100k.

Check out these great photos we took during the INTA annual meeting!

Here’s more coverage of the INTA annual meeting, including the talks there about NFTs and the metaverse.

If you haven’t yet gotten your ticket for our virtual trademark conference, Alt Legal Connect, sign up now while early-bird pricing is still available. Use the code “newsletter” (all lowercase) for a discount.

The Buzz about Cannabis

Nerds is the latest brand to be upset about both alleged trademark infringement and the potential risk to children posed by cannabis packaging.

But Nerds is far from the only brand claiming harm by cannabis brands.

The 9th Circuit has ruled that hemp-derived Delta 8 THC products are lawful, perhaps paving the way for federal registration of their brands.

Join us next Thursday for this great webinar, where former USPTO trademark examiner Rachael Dickson, who focused on cannabis-related marks, will walk you through cannabis trademark registration strategies.

Wordplay It Again, Sam

As an avid English nerd and a true believer in hyphenating phrasal adjectives, I really enjoyed this ruling.

If you’re worried about replying to all your emails when you get back from vacation, consider this solution. I know some of you neigh-sayers won’t like it, but this seems like something to pony up for.

Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson has filed a trademark application for a punny name for a restaurant. Yep, you know I love it, friends! Check out the application here.

Professional Concerns

Couldn’t you consider every message you send out as lead counsel of IP licensing for this tech company to be Meta-communication?

I wonder how often the legal affairs director at TicketMaster has to explain that the job doesn’t involve going to traffic court.

Make a mad (Door)Dash to this site to apply to be marketing and product counsel.

Wait, wait, don’t tell me: NPR is looking for senior technology counsel.

Can you Amgen being senior IP counsel for this biotech company?

Looking for a way to unplug from your current gig? Consider serving as marketing counsel for MTV.

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

Can you ethically retain client funds without a trust account?

Here are some USPTO updates and clarifications: you’ll now be allowed up to 60 days to provide a signature when you choose the “email text to second party” method for your TEAS applications; the USPTO has issued a handy new guide clarifying the standards for refusing a mark for being generic; and as of today, the USPTO’s trademark registration certificates are all electronic.

A disgruntled fan sent a bomb threat to a Japanese IP office because Yukkuri Chabangeki was successfully registered as a trademark.

The RNC is suing two former Virgin Islands GOP officials for trademark infringement for allegedly continuing to use the party’s name and logo after the Party stopped recognizing the two as members.

Who do you think of as the foremost expert on metaverse-related trademark protection? Please reply to this email to tell me who you think of and why. Or if you’re the foremost expert on metaverse trademarks or any other topic, fill out this call for proposals!

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