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I ♡ Trademarks NewsletterIssue #280

Bri Van Til | March 15, 2022
2 min read

Big Money

This article explains a few ways you can monetize Alt Legal’s §2(d) Trademark Watch to increase your firm’s profits.

The Third Circuit found a commercial general liability policy had “a duty to defend its policyholder against a competitor’s trademark-infringement lawsuit.”

This report has found that Apple’s enforcement of its trademarks amounts to “bullying.”

Yale Law School will soon be free for the neediest students.

Expungement and Reexamination

Here’s World Trademark Review’s list of the expungement and reexamination proceedings to date.

The USPTO issued new guidance about limitations of proceedings and best practices for expungement and reexamination procedures.

We’ve done a deep dive into the expungement and reexamination proceedings to date to explore the evidence, share the initial determinations to proceed (where possible), provide practice tips, and more.

Russia and Ukraine

Alt Legal Community member Taras Kulbaba, a native Ukrainian currently practicing IP law in Belgium, has been taking up a collection for first aid kits that he personally delivers to Ukraine. If you’d like to contribute or get more information, reach out to him at

Russia has officially declared that it will not enforce the patent rights of those in “unfriendly” countries. It’s rumored that trademarks and copyrights may follow suit.

McDonald’s pulled out of Russia as a result of its invasion of Ukraine, but some say Russia might disregard the company’s trademarks and reopen the restaurants.

A brave Ukrainian Supreme Court judge has decided he’d be “more useful” on the front lines than in the courtroom. Social media has lovingly dubbed him Judge Dredd.

Peppa Pig’s intellectual property is caught up in the battle between Russia and the West.

Professional Concerns

Hey, buddy, My Fitness Pal is looking for general counsel. Sounds like a friendly place to work!

Looking to get a Vedder Price for your time? Consider applying as associate IP counsel at this biglaw firm.

Does it make you doubly smart if you practice IP for an intelligence agency? Find out by applying to be patent counsel for the NSA.

Getting this job as marketing and IP counsel at McDonald’s might be a Big McDeal for your career.

Need something to Lyft your spirits? Consider applying to work as counsel for this ridesharing company.

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

If you missed this amazing webinar about copyrights, check out the recording now.

Might HBO face issues for its use of NBA’s registered trademarks?

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has found that Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” did not infringe Marcus Gray’s “Joyful Noise” because the 8-note sequence was not protectable by copyright.

Be attentive when alluding to alliterative appellations surrounding the big sporting event named after this month’s insanity: many terms related to said event are trademarked.

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