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Haloo WebinarAI Done Right: the Practical Applications for IP Professionals

Alt Legal Team | June 30, 2023
2 min read

What are the opportunities and challenges associated with the use of artificial intelligence in intellectual property law practice? This webinar advocates for the practical application of AI in IP law, and how to leverage AI effectively—with accuracy and relevance—to ensure that the solution aligns with the problem at hand. Key topics include navigating the challenges of generative AI, exploring the advantages of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) for IP law, and balancing innovation and reliability in AI-powered legal tools.

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Julie MacDonell is the co-founder and CEO of Haloo, a Google-accelerated and venture-backed deep AI startup and one of the only women-led AI legal technology companies in the world. Haloo’s innovative solutions for trademark search, monitoring, and trademark teamwork enable professionals to navigate trademark law with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.


Rajiv Shah is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Hugging Face, and holds a law degree with a specialization in IP. As a professor, researcher and AI expert, he advises enterprises and start-ups on the effective use of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.



Damien Riehl is a VP of Litigation Workflow and Analytics Content at vLex. As a technology lawyer, he has advised clients on tech, litigated tech issues, remediated cybersecurity issues, and developed software. At vLex, he leads the design, development, and expansion of various products, integrating AI-backed technologies to improve legal workflows and to power legal data analytics.


Nehal Madhani is the founder and CEO of Alt Legal, whose software makes it easy for law firms to create and manage IP filings. Before starting Alt Legal, Nehal practiced as an attorney at Kirkland & Ellis, LLP. He is a self-taught Python/Django programmer, and he served as a CodeX fellow at Stanford Law School. Nehal has a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, a Certificate in Business and Public Policy from the Wharton School of Business, and a B.A. from Northwestern University.

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