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Alt Legal Connect Session SummaryMarket to Your Heart’s Content: Creating content to generate business

Alt Legal Team | February 08, 2023
4 min read

On Wednesday, February 8, attorney and firm founder Kyona McGhee presented the session, “Market to Your Heart’s Content: Creating content to generate business.” During this session, Kyona discussed how to use social media—and its ever-changing algorithm—to grow your client list and increase your cash flow. She explained how to find and build the right audience, which topics your content should address, which media and platforms work best for your firm, how to produce alluring and authentic content, and how to monetize your fanbase and turn followers into clients.

Presentation Materials: Click here

View Recording: Click here

Kyona began by providing some examples of social media campaigns that generated a lot of business for her firm. Many of the ads played on pop culture references including Chick-fil-A, Coming to America, Legally Blonde, and Self Made. She explained that she puts out ads that are relevant to things that her audience already cares about. She made the ads using tools including Canva which includes many graphics and fonts that you would like to use. She also used a graphic designer to create some of the ads. She explained that the ads are put on social media and also are run through paid ads on social media.

Kyona explained that success with social media is directly tied to her firm. She’s represented many entrepreneurs who have products in Target. She has also had many national and international speaking engagements in relation to entrepreneurs. It’s a great opportunity to speak to this audience and help build trust. She’s also done brand deals as a result of growing a large following and being a source for information for her audience. She also noted that this success has provided her with the freedom of working without having to “code switch” – being able to show up in a room and be authentic. Kyona greatly appreciates being able to connect with audience without having to change who she is.

Kyona briefly discussed the history of marketing and advertising in law. She noted that marketing and advertising was once banned in law – it has only been permitted since 1977. But now, billboards, social media, TV and newspaper ads, are all allowed. But how do we compete with the personal injury lawyers paying for huge billboards? Social media has helped level the playing field.

Kyona noted that over 93% of internet users are social media users – in fact, TikTok is becoming one of the most popular places to search for “reliable information.” Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world. Google is the most visited website globally, followed by YouTube. The important thing is to go where your audience is. You do not need to be an expert content-generator, nor do you need to create specific content for each platform. For Kyona, her target audience is Instagram and that’s where she spends the most time. Kyona uses a company, Conversion Giant, to run the ad campaigns on social media. She’s also tried Strategies 360 and they worked great for her as well.

The Top 10 Sales Commandments

Kyona presented the top 10 Sales Commandments that she applies to her law firm marketing:

  1. Storytelling comes second to story-making – Taking people along for the journey is more effective than just telling your story. It’s hard to make trademarks sexy, but bring people into your everyday life, bring people along on a brand’s journey and what they’re doing behind the scenes. Allow your audience to help make the story with you, even if they’re just viewing from the sidelines. Try Instagram polls and ask – What color do you like best? What firm headshot do you like?
  2. Frequency breeds trust – It’s not good to see inconsistency in posts as that inconsistency is a reflection of your practice. Make sure there are no gaps in time when it comes to post frequency.
  3. Make them the hero and you be the sidekick – Don’t position yourself as the hero. You come in in as Robin, the client is Batman – they are the star of the show. You will be behind the scenes doing all the work to make sure everything is in place so the client can focus on what brings in the money. You push the motive and interest of the client.
  4. Lure their attention, don’t steal it – When you’re watching YouTube and it cuts to an ad, that steals your attention and it is frustrating and you will automatically ignore it. Instead, you can lure their attention by incorporating something they’re already enjoying like a movie, quote, picture, etc. Use common ground (for Kyona – food, movies, etc.) to connect.
  5. Trust is worth more than attention – Once you build trust, that attention will be secondary.
  6. People scan instead of study – People scroll quickly so you want to make sure that your graphics aren’t flooded with information and are easy on the eyes. Invest in a graphic designer or use Canva or Fiverr to get good quality graphics.
  7. Show thyself but sell results/goods – Position yourself and bank your marketing on the results you provide and not yourself as the priority. For example, post how many marks you registered in the prior month. If you’re new to trademarks and don’t have the results to show, the more resources/information you provide, the better, even if it’s small things that you think everyone knows, your audience will not necessarily know this information and will come to see you as a helpful resource.
  8. Online ads are the most ignored in history – Your audience will encounter your ads all over the internet and will help keep you top of mind.
  9. Use the sales page framework – A sales page framework addresses the issues a person has, finds their pain points, and walks you through the narrative of how to structure a sale page so that you consistently get to a YES. You can Google a sales page framework – make sure your website has one!
  10. Price is the spouse of your marketing – Ensure that your marketing supports and mirrors your pricing. If you want you to charge high rates, make sure your ads are very high-quality in terms of appearance and the content itself.

Money-Making Marketing Campaign

Step 1 – Determine the purpose of your campaign (increase brand awareness, increase subscribers, product/service sale, call to action)

Step 2 – Gather moments that trigger YOU, namely laughter or happiness (choose memes, reels, stories, movies, shows, songs)

Step 3 – Put it on paper (calendar it, design it, curate a vibe!)

Step 4 – How will you show your face (show your face or someone else to create a human element on live streams, photos, YouTube videos, webinars, etc.)

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