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Alt Legal WebinarWe Don't Want Everyone 2(c): Protecting famous clients' identities

Alt Legal Team | March 08, 2023
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This webinar was recorded on April 13, 2023.

The past decade has seen a drastic increase in brand ambassadors and influencers in the entertainment and merchandise industries. Along with their success comes fame, wealth, and—for some clients—unwanted recognition. For a variety of reasons clients may choose to protect their identities and addresses, but the USPTO’s pseudonym/alias disclosure requirements and domicile address issues complicate this issue. During this webinar Matt Kulseth of Mighty Marks guides participants through various strategies to protect client anonymity. Topics include:

  • An explanation of §2(c) office actions and how they make protecting clients’ identities difficult
  • Examples such as famous artists and content creators like BANKSY and DREAM who have fought to maintain their anonymity
  • Suggestions for protecting clients’ right to privacy, including forming corporations, filing overseas, and more

View webinar recording here (registration required.)

You can download the presentation materials here.


Matt Kulseth, Founder of Mighty Marks
Matt Kulseth is the founding attorney at MIGHTY MARKS®. Matt focuses his legal practice entirely on trademark law and works with law firms and clients throughout the United States. Throughout his twelve-year career, Matt has prosecuted more than 1,100 federal trademarks. Matt believes empowering small business with reasonably priced trademark registration is vitally important to entrepreneur success. When Matt isn’t practicing law, he enjoys serving his community as volunteer firefighter, camping, archery, watchmaking, and spending time at his cabin in northern Minnesota with his wife Maggie and two daughters.

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