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Checklist: How to Write Your 2021 Business Development Plan

Phil Cox | December 30, 2020
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Phil Cox coaches IP attorneys to become as confident in business development as they are in their legal work. He’s passionate about helping people overcome their business development anxiety, and knows from experience that anyone with the brains to become an attorney can learn the science behind sales and marketing. Phil has front-lines sales experience and communications know-how developed as a publisher of two IP industry magazines, and he is personally involved in the associations and conferences IP attorneys attend to develop business. His has worked with hundreds of IP attorneys from all over the world to refine his coaching and training methodology over the past decade. He has published several articles focused on business development and frequently speaks at IP events including INTA, NYIPLA, New York City Bar Association, ASIPI, AIPF, LMA and numerous law firm retreats.

Note from Alt Legal:

Phil Cox joined us to present the webinar, “Stop Marketing up the Wrong Tree: Make 2021 Your Best (Business Development) Year Ever!” where he gives you the tools and understanding to be able to make a realistic business development plan for the coming year. Watch recording here (registration required). In advance of his webinar, Phil put together this helpful checklist of important things to consider before writing your 2021 business development plan.

What are the biggest issues we need to solve to achieve our business development objectives? Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

  • Do we even have business development objectives?

  • Do we need more knowledge/training to be able to execute better? E.g., public speaking and presentation skills training, sales training, etc.

  • Does everyone know who our perfect target market is, so we can plan, target and execute proficiently?

  • Have we got the right tools in place to carry out efficient business development and remind ourselves of the to do’s each month? E.g., CRM system, standardized pitch documents, online meeting calendar (saving the back and forth when making lots of meetings).

  • If you could have a team of marketing staff supporting you, what jobs would you find most useful to take off your plate? What tasks are repeated most often during the business development and client on-boarding process?

Specific actions that could move the needle:

  • What could we specifically do, in the next 12 months, to turn current non-client friends/acquaintances into new paying clients?

  • What could we specifically do in the next 12 months to more work from your present clients?

  • What could we specifically do in the next 12 months to get meetings with people you don’t know but that we want to work with?


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