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Alt Legal WebinarNailing Your Niche: Establishing Expertise to Generate Publicity

Alt Legal Team | June 05, 2020
< 1 min read

Have you ever wondered how some lawyers become experts in their industries? It’s not because they are smarter than you; it’s because they strategize smarter. We’ve been taught that casting a wide net can result in a wide range of clients, but what if that doesn’t yield the kinds of clients you actually want? The antidote? Niching down.

In this webinar, Caroline Fox of CJFox Law talks about:
1) why identifying a niche is the best way to become the “go-to expert,”
2) why casting a wide net might not be the best way to market yourself in 2020 and beyond, and
3) how to leverage your niche to grab the attention of local and national clients, press, and potential partners

You can view the recording of Caroline’s presentation here.

Speaker Bio

Caroline Fox is based out of Richmond, Virginia. Her practice, CJFox Law, PLLC, includes representation of brands both large and small in the advertising, tech, and creative industries. Caroline has been recognized as a “Virginia Legal Elite” in intellectual property for the past four years and as a Superlawyers “Rising Star” for the past two.

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