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Alt Legal Webinar #IP #TRADEMARKS: New Media, Hashtags, Trademarks & Brand Protection

Alt Legal Team | October 09, 2020
2 min read

How does one build, identify, and protect a #BRAND? In this webinar, Bill Samuels of Warshaw Burstein discusses issues and considerations for IP protection in the new media environment, namely the use of marks as hashtags, protectability of new media, and the practical implications of the public use of IP. What should IP owners consider regarding whether to use content online or a trademark as a hashtag? How can one leverage influencers without losing control of valuable IP? Creating brand awareness is key, but what issues should IP owners consider before tweeting? Bill gets into those issues and previews what might be down the road. Topics include:

  • Whether and how to obtain trademark protection for hashtags
  • The implications of using trademark-protected terms as hashtags
  • What issues to consider when allowing influencers and others outside an organization to use its trademarks
  • How to balance brand awareness with brand protection

You can download the presentation here and watch recording here (registration required).

Speaker Bio:

Bill Samuels, Partner at Warshaw Burstein

Bill Samuels is a partner at the firm Warshaw Burstein where he focuses his practice on intellectual property and solving IP-related problems. He handles all aspects of domestic and international IP matters, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, IP enforcement and defense, IP licenses and agreements, domain names, software services, counterfeit protection, unfair competition, IP counseling and due diligence.

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