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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #86

Hannah Samendinger | May 01, 2018
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Take a Lap

– Desiree Linder, the recent Boston Marathon winner, is seeking a trademark registration for the message that kept her motivated while training: “Keep Showing Up.”

– After a seven-year trademark battle, Lionel Messi has won the right to use his surname on products.

– Nike’s newly patented technology may help regulate the core temperatures of athletes.

Foreign Affairs

– Canada is experiencing a “green rush” to register cannabis-related trademarks.

– A French museum recently discovered that nearly half the items in their collection are forgeries.

– Formula 1 now owns the trademark registration for “Shoey,” a famous Australian podium celebration that involves drinking from a shoe.

Millions and Millions

– The Fourth Circuit overturned a $32 million fine against Walmart, finding they did not deliberately infringe on a smaller chain’s brand.

– A judge for the US Court of Appeals struck down a $200 million verdict for Merck, citing a “pervasive pattern of misconduct.”

– Seventeen years after filing, a group of freelancers won $9 million in a class action lawsuit for copyright infringement.

 Odds and Ends

– Is Kanye West going to be the next Martha Stewart?

Taylor Swift won in a copyright case, but she received a warning after seeking attorney’s fees.

– The court battle over the gene-editing technology CRISPR is heating up.

– The US has labeled 36 countries, including China and newly-added Canada, as inadequately protecting US IP rights.

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