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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #74

Hannah Samendinger | February 09, 2018
2 min read

Check out our latest episode of Alt Trademarks. This episode features Josh Jarvis of Foley Hoag. We discuss his role at the firm and his appearance in the recent “Don’t Say Velcro” video.

Copy That

– A new decision by the Copyright Board requires streaming services to pay 15.1% of revenue to songwriters and publishers.

– After the two parties reached a settlement, the civil rights anthem “We Shall Overcome” entered the public domain.

– Check out the Senate-proposed Music Modernization Act, legislation that aims to update music licensing laws.

– After facing much criticism, the American Law Institute Council is considering a new format for their restatement of copyright law.

– The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an important ruling in a case over piracy by Internet Service Providers’ users. The mixed verdict reversed a $25 million verdict due to bad jury instructions but held that under the DMCA safe harbor, ISPs cannot ignore obvious piracy red flags.

Smart Tech

– Yesterday the Uber-Waymo trial began. Here is a helpful primer, and even though Waymo dropped their patent claims, the trial is expected to start a conversation about defining IP and ownership in Silicon Valley.

– Amazon now owns a patent that will track workers’ movements.

– According to tax filings, the professor who invented the technology behind Siri received an $871,500 royalty payment in 2016, following a settlement with Apple.

High Level

– Patent lawsuits in 2017 dropped to the lowest number since 2011.

– A new book may help practitioners navigate the Chinese trademark system.

– The Senate confirmed Andrei Iancu as head of the USPTO.

 Odds and Ends

– Louboutin is facing some potential challenges in their ongoing battle to protect their signature red sole in Benelux. Here is an article analyzing how this case might be decided in South Africa.

– Jay-Z filed several new trademark applications that suggest he may be expanding his brand to include wine bars and cafes.

– Are your children texting about copyright law? Are they texting about trademark law?

– In honor of Black History Month, check out this great read about a group of innovators who have largely been ignored by history.

– Who owns the intangible assets associated with social media accounts?

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