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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #73

Hannah Samendinger | January 30, 2018
2 min read

Check out our latest episode of Alt Trademarks. This episode features Josh Jarvis of Foley Hoag. We discuss his role at the firm and his appearance in the recent “Don’t Say Velcro” video.

Not for Kids

– Boing Boing (Happy Mutants LLC) filed a motion to dismiss in their case against Playboy, who is alleging copyright infringement because of links to images of Playboy centerfolds. Playboy’s response brief suggests they might be backing down.

– Vice Media and a porn cryptocurrency company are headed to court over the latter’s use of “Vice Industry Token.”

– In 2019, Cleveland will no longer use the chief logo on their uniforms. Their trademark ownership will allow the team to continue to profit from the logo and control 3rd party use as well.

– Here is a quick guide on how to read a cannabis patent.

What an Icon

– Grumpy Cat’s owner was awarded over $700,000 in damages for copyright infringement following a 3-year legal battle.

– It appears that Meryl Streep has filed her first trademark application for her name, written consent not included.

– TTAB has denied a motion to compel Beyoncé ‘s attendance in her ongoing dispute over her trademark application for “Blue Ivy.”

Rule Makers

– Ford is seeking a patent for an autonomous cop car, ticket writing included.

– Here are some tips for dealing with the new audit system put in place by the USPTO.

– The Supreme Court signaled that they may hear a case that would impact a copyright holder’s ability to initiate an infringement action.

Odds and Ends

– Can the name of a fictional, intergalactic game evolve into a trademark protectable in the world of mere groundlings?

– Jessica Simpson is being sued for copyright infringement for posting on her Instagram account a photo taken by paparazzi.

– What does it take to protect IP rights in the billion-dollar virtual gaming industry?

– A brewery has won the right to continue using the name “Elvis Juice,” despite pushback from the late singer’s estate.

– The Copyright Office affirmed a refusal to register American Airline’s logo.

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