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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #72

Hannah Samendinger | January 23, 2018
2 min read

Check out our latest episode of Alt Trademarks. This episode features Josh Jarvis of Foley Hoag. We discuss his role at the firm and his appearance in the recent “Don’t Say Velcro” video.

All Copyright, All the Time

– The acting US Register of Copyrights publicly expressed concern over the American Law Institute’s planned restatement of copyright laws.

– This cartoon was designed to teach children about copyright infringement online and how to respect copyright and trademark registrations.

– There are some new rules, proposed in December 2016, regarding group photo registrations.

– Someone is seeking to register COPYRIGHT as a trademark.

– Here is a look at how closed trade deals impact copyright terms worldwide.

I’ll Toast to That

– Bell’s Brewery lost a trademark dispute over the similarity of another brewery’s name to several of Bell’s marketing phrases.

– This series is highlighting examples of creative trademark enforcement, including an installment on the southern hospitality of Jack Daniel’s.

– Portland is officially done contesting a brewery’s rights in the leaping deer logo, with the brewery allowing the city to license the image for certain occasions.

Invention Corner

– Microsoft wants you to operate your apps through mind control. Visa wants you to pay with your fingerprint. Amazon wants to tailor you the perfect suit, using a robot.

– Check out these 11 products that were invented by kids.

– The USPTO nullified one of Johnson and Johnson’s patents for the administration of a prostate cancer medication, paving the way for other generic challengers.

 Odds and Ends

– USC launched a course on IP for undergraduates, making it one of the first universities to do so.

– Twitter is facing a trademark infringement suit from TWiT, a podcast network that had previously reached an informal agreement with the company regarding their names.

– California’s Secretary of State is now accepting applications for marijuana trademarks. There is a new portal for these filings, called the “cannabizfile.”

– The beauty company Hard Candy was seeking a trademark registration for #MeToo. Following backlash, they expressly abandoned the application.

– According to a recent study, almost 75% of brands experienced trademark infringement in 2017.

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