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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #65

Hannah Samendinger | November 29, 2017
2 min read

Check out our latest episode of Alt Trademarks. This episode features Anne Gilson LaLonde of Gilson on Trademarks. We discuss a surprising proposal for the Lanham Act, surnames, her nontraditional career path, and much more.

Lookin’ Good

– Art Basel and Adidas have settled their trademark dispute over sneakers bearing the Art Basel name that were distributed for free during the art fair.

– Check out this long but fascinating read on the impact of trademark law on the history of visual identity design in the US.

– Mattel was unable to cancel a Japanese trademark application for “Salon Barbies.”

Al, Marc, Donald, and the Gronk

– Weird Al recently posted documentation of his trademark renewal on Twitter, pleading with writers to choose a different nickname when describing other Als.

– An artist is suing Marc Jacobs for copyright infringement of several pins and patches she designed.

– Donald Fagen, the lead singer of Steely Dan, is suing a fellow bandmate, seeking sole ownership of the Steely Dan name.

– The author of A Gronking to Remember has run into some legal trouble but the Sixth Circuit cleared Amazon of liability over the book’s cover images.

Supreme Court Update

– The Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments in Oil States Energy Services v. Greene’s Energy Group. So far, the justices seem divided.

– If you need a refresher on the case, this article provides some helpful background.

– If the Inter Partes review process dies, some are saying Big Pharma will win. Apple and the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe are also paying close attention to the case because they have something at stake.

Odds and Ends

– What happens when names become brand names?

– An Uber owned patent reveals their plan to curb motion sickness while reading in their self-driving cars.

– The monkey selfie photographer says he is broke and “thinking of dog walking.”

– The ABA Journal has published their Web 100, including blogs, podcasts, and Twitter accounts.

– Berkeley Law is introducing a taste of realistic patent practice into their coursework.

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