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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #6

Hannah Samendinger | September 27, 2016
2 min read

We are hosting a webinar with John Lee, a Canadian IP attorney, and Clio on October 5th at 1pm EST. John will be discussing Canadian trademark law, strategies for US trademark filers, and how he uses technology in his practice. You can find more information, including the how to attend, here.

The Great Debate

– The first presidential debate took place last night. A review of how each candidate plans to handle intellectual property can be found here.

– IP Watchdog analyzed Hillary’s Initiative on Technology & Innovation, which is focused onpatent reform. More details about her plans for IP can be found here. Trump’s stancefocuses on the protection of US IP holders against Chinese-based piracy.

– With a new presidential term beginning, the Supreme Court is shifting its focus to four intellectual property cases, possibly also taking on the Slants case or the dancing baby case.

– Dodo Trump might just be the best presidential trademark application of this election. The mark was assigned to an USPTO examiner on August 2nd, but hasn’t seen any action since.

IP Here, There, and Everywhere

– The UK IPO upheld Swatch’s opposition to Apple’s iWatch application.

– “Iceland (the country) is hoping to get Iceland (the store) to relinquish their trademark on Iceland (the word).”

– The Ninth Circuit has allowed Trader Joe’s claim for the extraterritorial application of the Lanham Act in their suit against the Canadian Pirate Joe’s.

– A Danish Elvis Fan had to change the name of his museum from Graceland to Memphis.

 Odds and Ends

– We’re excited to announce the launch of our new biweekly podcast, Alt Trademarks! You can listen to the first episode with JoAnn Holmes, an Atlanta based solo practitioner, here. You’ll be able to subscribe on iTunes starting next week. If you’re interested in being a guest on a future episode, please let us know!

– Apple lost a patent dispute over ring-silencing technology.

– Could this copyright suit over legal briefs inspire copycat suits?

– Whataburger has entered a “friendly trademark discussion” with Marvel over the new Wonder Woman logo.

– Taco John’s wants to prevent anyone else from participating in the joy that is “Taco Tuesday,” or at least calling it that.

– Remember the podcast Serial? Well, the Serial trademark is facing a final refusal and the applicant just filed a 105 page request for reconsideration, arguing that the name is not generic.

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